Saturday, 21 March 2015

What Happiness means to you?

Hello Friends!
How are you all doing? Recently I had posted on one of the happiest day of my life.This time I want to ponder deeper into the topic happiness.Is there anyone out there, who does not want to be happy? I do not think, I will find even a single soul who would answer me with a 'Yes'.
Happiness has different meanings for different people in their lives.Can something really give us happiness in true sense? We all rejoice and experience momentary happiness each day due to some or other events.Even smallest of small things can give us immense joy.Happiness is a transient state where we experience the joy and ecstasy of seventh heaven.Our reason for happiness could be anything, it could be materialistic or even a moment spent with our loved ones can give us peace and joy.I feel happiness is a state of mind, we get influenced by our situations and that affects our happy state of mind.The reason for my happiness may not be same as others.For me, happiness is in everything that I do.Whatever I do, I get happiness out of that.Even while I am writing this post and discussing about it ,I am getting happiness.It is my choice whether I want to stay happy or not. Happiness is not achieved only through accomplishing higher goals or milestones.It can be derived even from smallest of things. It is very difficult to cite particular things that make me happy.There is absolutely no restrictions to that.Each day, I am experiencing something or other that strengthens me and makes me happy and content.

There are several things that make my life fulfilling.But my foremost passion is cooking.I feel it is a culinary therapy for my soul.However stressed out I would be, cooking rejuvenate me and makes me content. Cooking for myself  and for others has been my passion since childhood.I remember as a 11 year child, I would save newspaper cuttings and several recipes published in magazines.I would stare at those pictures and try to prepare several dishes during my leisure time.I continuously check recipe videos and try to prepare something or other. Even during my heaviest turmoil, when I shift my focus towards cooking, I feel relaxed and get my answers to my deepest problems.

One incident I want to recall that truly made me happy and content was two years back.At that time,I was a part of an NGO. I along with my friends had collected funds from our institute and also contributed from our personal accounts. We bought several books, notebooks and accessories for school children from college street.On children's day we went to a deaf and blind school. We distributed those books and stationary among all students.Their excited faces and smiles gave us so much of indescribable joy, I am really not finding words to express how I had felt that day.It was one of those happiest moments that made me feel responsible and worthy.Those small wonderful children also had made several handicraft jewelry using rice, straws and other eco-friendly stuff.We bought as many jewelery pieces as possible from them.They were not only unique and designed with par excellence but also reflected the hard work and dedication of those children. It actually touched my heart and gave me immense joy and hope.Thus guys, happiness is not something associated with far distant land or goals.We all have it within us to experience it.We all can feel it through smallest of small things and make our lives more meaningful.My happiness is not just restricted to some future goals, or some chosen people or materialistic benefits.My happiness has a broader meaning in my life, it is not restricted to limited issues.Whatever might happen in my life, I won't ever forget to smile back.