Monday, 16 March 2015

Happiest day of my Life

Hello Friends,
How are you doing? I hope you all are in high spirits and the best of health. Recently I met my close friend after a long gap of four years. That day was one of my most cherishable days of my life. We were best of friends at college, no one ever used to spot one without the other. I have rarely shared such great rapport with anyone in my life. We both used to be roommates. In a period of 4 years, we had no issues or arguments regarding anything. I know it is hard to believe it, but it is absolutely true. After 2010, I shifted to a new place for my career and she left for her home. With time, I got busy with my life and career. I was going through one of the most challenging period then.This phase had kind of changed me and I started keeping less contact with my friends including my best friend. But thanks to Facebook, I checked her message one day in December 2014.She was planning to come to our city alongwith her family. By chance, even I happened to be there at my home during that time. I instantly agreed and called them to our home. She was coming with her parents. The very thought of her parents made me recall some of our sweet memories. When we both used to stay in a room, her parents used to come and visit us many times a year. They used to bring us several delectable home made dishes and food items from their native village. I was so very much thankful to them for their lovely gesture. Her parents were one of the best people I had ever known. They used to treat me just like their daughter. So I was really happy that my friend was coming over to my place to spend some quality time.

So finally, the day arrived. I was all dressed up and had prepared several dishes for them. I love cooking, so this was another excuse for me to indulge in preparations of several recipes.I was all so giggly and enthusiastic for the whole day. So at 12 p.m, they arrived at our place. It was so good to be in their company once more. I made them feel at home.

Just one thing caught my attention. The otherwise jolly, healthy looking aunt looked quite pale, and she was almost reduced to bones with severe hair loss.Something seemed wrong to me. I did not ask immediately but after our lunch, we had a hearty conversation. This conversation made me recall all my beautiful memories with my friend and also taught me many things. We recalled every funny incident and special days of our lives during college. I had lost most of the pictures I had of us. She gifted me an album with all our pictures of college and also of the place we used to live in. It was a beautiful collage of some invaluable memories. This made me realize, I had changed so much. Earlier laughing, smiling was a part of my life. Now I had to think before I smiled, I had become really mechanical and robotic. Their presence made me open up and express myself like a child with no reservations. Then I came to know, my aunt was actually suffering from Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a type of cancer of lymphoid tissues. She was taking chemotherapy sessions for it since a long time. This came as a shock to me, they were the last people who should ever go through such life and death situations. This was the reason for her sudden weight loss and alarming loss of hair. But she looked so happy and at peace. My friend used to take her every now and then to better hospitals for chemotherapy sessions. She used to manage everything at home singlehandedly along with her studies. She was coping to everything with such indomitable fighting spirit. Her life was not perfect but she never failed to smile back. I realized happiness is a choice. I was the one who used to consider myself to be the most unlucky person in life. I used to have my own insecurities and complaints against all negative situations of my life. But this made me realize, I am so lucky. I do not have to constantly worry about my parent’s health, I am leading a healthy life. But why on earth am I so pessimistic and unhappy? Their problems made my complaints look so small. I was crying over all petty issues. We all have something or other to worry about but that should never snatch away our happiness. Believe me guys, meeting my friend and her family changed me and my attitude to a great extent. I thought it would be me who would make them happy and feel at home, but they gave me lessons and memories for a life time. I have same situation, same people around me, but my attitude took a complete 360 degree change. It is my choice whether I want to be happy or remain a cry baby who begrudges every situation in life. So guys this was the most memorable day in my life and I would never forget it .Please do let me know about your views. I would love to read your comments on my blog.