Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Turning point of my life

Hello Friends!
Have you guys ever experienced or undergone through some or other incident that has completely changed your views and eventually gave rise to new hopes in your lives? There are some incidents that we witness in our lives which change us forever and for the better.
My parents have always been very protective about us and have given us a very comfortable life.In comforts, one can never grow as a person or learn about harsh realities of life.We all know life is not a bed of roses, it is adorned with thorns too.It is important to have an open mind and to learn from other's experiences to grow as an individual.I had a comfortable life and everything I desired of, still I had so many sorrows, so many complaints and such regressing attitude towards life.My complaints were- not having enough candies, not able to eat in my favorite restaurant each day, not getting a new dress every now and then, not getting the pizza I want to devour on, not getting the shade of lipstick I like,not getting an expensive mobile and so on. At times we are so preoccupied with our needs that even a small change creates havoc in our lives.Our lives become purposeless and hollow and we try to find happiness in materialistic things.There have been many incidents in my life that has changed my perspective towards life and made me more responsible.I would like to write about one such incident.

That girl who used to play with us each day was living in our neighborhood. Her name was Mira.She was couple of years elder to me but we were best of friends.No one had ever made me feel so good in my life.She was the best thing that ever happened in my life.We used to play and enjoy together.With time, we separated and shifted to different states with hardly any communication.One day our whole family was invited to her marriage.Her parents had spent most of their savings on her marriage.She was getting married at a mere age of 21.I was very happy for her marriage but I felt she could have waited a little longer and could have finished her education.When I met her, she looked beautiful with little nervousness on her face towards the start of her new life.She was someone who was absolutely dependent on her spouse for her needs and happiness. She suggested me to get married too.She seemed to view her husband as center of her life and there was nothing 
beyond that.I appreciated her feelings for her husband and wished her all the best for her future.She was someone I knew who seldom used to step outside her home, someone who was always dependent on others for her happiness, someone very docile and simple.


After couple of years when I was really busy with my studies, I came to know from my relatives that she had returned back to her home.She was a victim of domestic violence and her husband used to beat her daily for petty issues.The last time he had beaten her, she developed some serious damage to her organs and had to be hospitalized. The girl who seemed so dependent on others mustered her courage and returned back home.Her parents were initially very apprehensive towards her decision of divorce.But with time even they supported her.She started her new life with a decision to finish her Masters degree.She used to take tutions of school students in her free time.After her masters, she joined for a PhD course at her university and also got a job as a faculty.All her students used to love her for her sweet, helping and always smiling attitude.No one knew, she was hiding so much of tears behind her smiles. During her course she not only published several research papers but also got awarded as an excellent faculty of their institute.Meanwhile, she had applied for a postdoctoral position in a well known university of USA.It was a surprise, that a girl who never used to step outside her home was now spreading her wings to reach the sky.She was selected for the position and thus she went to achieve her dreams on her own capabilities.The simple,shy girl had changed completely into a hard working,head strong and confident woman.Her transformation was amazing.
It is under intense pressure that coal becomes a diamond.To shine with brilliance like a diamond, it is necessary to take up great sufferings which will give us boundless joy and indestructible happiness.You know what guys, the cherry on top is that she met a like minded individual at USA.She has decided to live her life in her own terms with the man who values her.I have never been more happy for her.She brought a complete change in her life and infused many of us with optimism and hope for the future.We should always remember that someone is definitely waiting for us to walk along.

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