Wednesday, 11 March 2015

I want to Live my life in my own way

Hello Friends!
Most of the times,I come up with reviews and swatches of my favorite products on my blog.This time I felt like interacting with my readers on a completely different topic. 
Friends,we all come to a juncture in our lives where we need to take that one bold step that will change our lives forever.It is very necessary to take risks.Those who are risk taker, initially lead a life which no one would want to but later they earn a life which we all dream of.Those who succumb to their fears, plunge into darkness forever but those who take challenges are always winners.It is all so important to develop that never say die attitude to accomplish something worth living for.Those who are foolish will retreat at the crucial moment whereas a wise person uses his failures and disappointments as a springboard for his victory.If there is one thing that is stopping us from our victory, is our mental attitude.


Since my childhood, I have been my parents doting daughter.I have always been very obedient to my parents and always follow everything they advise me to.All my major life decisions have been taken by my parents throughout my life.Few years back after completing my masters, my parents insisted me to come back home and to get married and to settle down.It was one of the most crucial periods of my life.I have always wanted to do my higher studies and was aspiring for a PhD course.My parents had objections regarding my staying at a far distant place and also with my examination preparations.I used to stay with a roommate in a single room at Kolkata. We were not allowed to use many basic appliances in the room by our landlord.We both used to struggle a lot with our exam preparations, our parent's apprehensions, and our landlord's frequent tantrums and quarrels.We both used to visit all laboratories and institute of Kolkata to find a place where we both could do our internship and thus apply for PhD course with GRE score.We spent months after months roaming, requesting professors, scientists and people concerned but were always driven away by them.At last we did not get to do our project.This period though was harrowing for me, made me very strong and I learnt many things about life. This made me realize the importance of self independence.Everyday my parents would pursue me to come back home to lead a comfortable life with all amenities available at home.But I was very determined this time to achieve what I had desired to.The strength of character is known in periods of great difficulties.

I wholeheartedly made up my mind to pursue my higher studies.I applied for many entrance examinations for it but was not able to clear those.Still I was not dissuaded from my goal.I appeared for an entrance examination at a premier institute of India.My parents were not very hopeful regarding the results.But I had no fear in my mind this time.I had a sense of confidence in my heart with a burning passion to achieve my goal.During the interview all the professors were quite impressed with my answers.I was hopeful of clearing it. After a month when results were declared, I had not only qualified the entrance but also got first rank among all.I was awarded with institute fellowship and it was announced that never ever any student had secured such high marks in their entrance examinations conducted in  the past.
Everyone in their lives have insecurities, shortcomings and setbacks, it is our attitude during the crucial period that determines our victory.It was very easy for me to succumb to pressure and to return back and enjoy a comfortable life at home.But I decided otherwise and stayed firm on my decision.We all have immense, unlimited potentials inherent within us, we just need to tap it to achieve what we desire to.To start a new life, it is indeed important to take that one step which our heart supports. Above all, it is our heart which is most important.

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