Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Lakme School of Style- My Views

Hey guys,
Have you checked the official YouTube channel of Lakme School of Style? If not you really must. It has some amazing videos on several social issues that we are facing each day. Karan Johar is the chief editor and also check out his awesome replies in his videos, it will make you laugh for sure.There are many videos which I loved personally but these are the two videos which I could completely relate to.So check out my views on those:

This is one of the most fantastic videos I have ever checked recently.I am someone who really does believe in women empowerment and strongly support in gender equality.If we are talking about women empowerment, it is only possible if we support each other.We should start from ourselves, from our own home.We should ask ourselves, are we supporting our mothers, ours sisters or we are letting them down each day? I am appalled to see such indifferent, mean attitude of women towards other women.If we keep on bitching, or trying to pull each other down then we are weakening our own cause.It is just like breaking your own home from within.If we want the so called male dominant society to accept us and give us full credit, we should strengthen our bonds like never before.I could relate to each and every observation and views expressed by these girls in the video.
I am a girl with extra pounds and short height and believe me guys I have been subjected to mockery and discrimination mainly by female friends and relatives.It is my body, my right, what I should wear and what I should eat only I have the right to decide. Friendly suggestions and criticisms are always welcome but mean remarks about personal issues is something not acceptable.I strongly believe that we should never be judgmental about others.Instead of wasting time in judging and criticizing others let us all make a vow to uplift each other.Let us promise ourselves to encourage and support each other in every way possible.If we are not supporting each other, there can be no women empowerment in real sense.It will be a distant reality about which we always advocate our opinion but do nothing in real sense to realize it.

This is another video which shook the basic fabric of my life.This makes me ask 'Why am I born as a women? Is it really my fault? I checked the video India's daughter few days back.Guys I have never been ashamed of anything till date.The audacious remarks of those defense lawyers and the rapist made me rethink, whose fault is this anyway? Is it their fault who are expressing such shameful views regarding women or ours who are listening to them and just sharing it on facebook and twitter about their remarks and forgetting about it the next day. I feel we women are as responsible for rape as men are. Got shocked or angry reading my views? Well guys give it a thought.We are the ones who practise gender bias at our home.We support the views of our sons and give in to their relentless demands and when its a daughter we do show our double standards.How many mothers have taught their son to respect women? All we do is teach our sons not to mingle with girls when they are in schools and colleges and when she enters our home as a daughter in law, she is no more important than a kitchen appliance.We allow our sons to go anywhere, do what they get pleased with and yes of course they can wear anything anywhere.But when it comes to daughters, we judge them on their looks, height, weight, and the clothes they wear.It is very easy to judge someone and make hurtful remarks on one's character and clothes but no one can imagine the inner turmoil of the rape victim, because of you guys she is dying each day.My clothes does not define my character.If my clothes are provoking you to rape me, just think how shameful beast you are.
Couple of years back, I was going to a place with my friend.I was wearing a fully clad Salwar kameez and my friend was wearing tees and capris. Just as we reached to a corner, a guy who was approaching in a  bike suddenly groped me from back and punched me hard in my chest and drove away immediately.This incident made me introspect, what was wrong in my clothes? I was fully covered and according to your terms wearing what does not provoke a guy.Then why such shameful, disturbing incident happened with me? What had I done to provoke the guy? Whereas my friend who was wearing western attire did not face it. So guys lets put a stop to all our base less claims and views regarding what a women should do to prevent rapes.Stop judging her character on where she goes and when she returns back, what she eats, what she wears, how many male friends she has and so on.Recently I have been reading many incidents of girl child rape.Now tell me, what a 3 year old girl has done to provoke someone to rape her and kill her mercilessly? Let me tell you guys, this is neither fast food, nor our clothes, the reason is our tolerance to such crimes.We feel as long as we are not the victims, why should we care. As long as we will support the rapist and disown the victim, nothing will change.It is important to teach our sons about respecting women and they should be taught to contribute in household works just like daughters.I do not agree that only illiterate people resort to rape, recently I have read many incidents where professors of well know premier institutes of India have been caught raping their own students.Rape is a heinous crime and can happen with anyone.Lets stop blaming the victim and lets stop compromising with such incidents.We have equal rights to walk on this earth as men.

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