Monday, 13 February 2012

Living Proof Multi-Action Cell Treatment Toner

Hello Friends!
Today i am going to review 'Living Proof Multi Action Cell treatment Toner' which I have been using since one month.So lets see, did it pass or fail? :p

What The Company Says?
Living Proof Skin Care is created by bio-scientists with ingredients once exclusive to top French salons and beauty spas in Europe. Featuring ultra-active Phyto Placenta (plant placenta) and enhanced with proven beauty ingredients that are endorsed even by the renowned Harley Street, London cosmetic surgeons and doctors who specialize in the beauty needs of Europe’s celebrities.

Phyto Placenta: the Next Generation in Skin care technology Seeds and buds contain young embryonic cells which are the power source for plants cell growth. They have all the components necessary for the development of cell tissue, numerous hormones, flavonoids, peptides, biostimulines, essential amino acids and mineral salts. These cells trigger plants to full blooming. Phyto Placenta: Action on Human Skin Cells These active embryonic cells penetrate deeply into the skin to “Kick-start’ and boost human cell activity & growth. The results:

1. They increase cell metabolism and oxygenation to renew and rejuvenate the skin, making it radiant
2. They strengthen the skin structure by helping in the synthesis of important proteins like collagen, elastin and keratin for a softer, suppler skin feel and appearance
3. These actions reinforce the skins ability to retain moisture, so skin looks smoother and more youthful.

Price- Rs 260 for 150 ml, I got this for Rs 235 after discount.

My Take On This Product:
Some 3-4 months back, I had read a positive review regarding this product from a blog.The person who raved about it had mentioned like she was oily skin.I am not able to recall from where I read though.Anyways, so I didn't buy it during that time, thinking its for oily skin people and wont suit me at all.Once while casually browsing an online shopping site, again I found this product and noticed that from the entire range of Living Proof, this was the only product which was quite reasonable for good quantity.Anyways as my Aroma Magic toner got finished, I thought to give this product a try seeing the ingredient list mentioning 'phyto placenta' and Mushroom' extract :p The description of the product seemed so good that I thought I will get it anyways.

Its comes in a white transparent bottle with a sturdy cap that closes nicely with a click.Packaging is simple yet sturdy.I quite like this Amber colored toner.The fragrance is very unique, though simple yet very sophisticated kind.Its a toner which I believe will suit all skin types.I am the one who really doesn't like products recommended for all skin types, but this time my opinion is very different.

Whenever I use it, It gives a cooling and soothing sensation to my skin, I feel as if I am undergoing some facial  at a renowned parlor.I have noticed, after five minutes or so, there are no visible pores as such.My skin becomes so velvety smooth with a brightening effect.There is immediate visible reduction of pore size.It removes excess oil from my T zone and keeps my skin hydrated and supple for a long time.Some times guys I forget to use a moisturizer after using it this winter.This is simply unbelievable that I would skip a mosituriser in winter :p I am damn impressed with this product.After using it, my foundation glides effortlessly on my skin.This toner is also very helpful in relieving irritated dry skin and also suppresses pimples.Its really a Multi Action toner guys.I am going to buy another one soon.Its really my HG Toner. 
Pros Of The Product:
-Its packaging is simple yet sturdy, spill proof.
-Its fragrance is very sophisticated kind, Loved it totally.
-Its Paraben Free too.
-Its removes excess oil from skin.
-It hydrates skin and maintains oil-moisture balance for a long time.
-There is instant tightening of pores.
-My skin becomes velvety smooth on application of this toner.
-There is brightening effect too, my blemishes donot look pronounced.
-Foundation glides effortlessly on skin.
-It feels very soothing on skin.
-Sometimes removes traces of makeup too.
-Very reasonable for the quantity provided.
-It contains 'Phyto placenta' and Mushroom Extracts' which were exclusively used in rich French Salons.
-Will last your three months easily.

Cons Of The Product:
-I think availability.Not easily available.

Rating:4.75 out of 5

Will I Repurchase it?
Yes Guys, I think I have found my HG Toner, so I will repurchase it.
My Overall Recommendation: Do try this one for sure from this range.You never know, you may find your HG Toner in it. :)