Friday, 10 February 2012

My Overall Experience with Natural

Hello Friends!
Recently I came across an online shopping site called Natural Mantra which exclusively stocks 100% Safe, Natural, Eco-friendly products.I came to know more about this fabulous site from Bhumika's Blog post HERE

Story Behind Natural Mantra:
When our daughter was an infant, she developed eczema and the commercial lotions we tried not only didn’t work, but they were filled with chemicals that caused her to have an allergic reaction.  So, we began a search for something non-toxic for our daughter’s skin.
After reading many labels and reviews, speaking with pediatricians, other moms, and scouring websites, we finally found an organic, natural solution that helped her.  In the process, we educated ourselves and found that – after living in the U.S. for five years and moving back to India – there was not one website or one store that combined natural, organic and eco-friendly products.  This was in direct contrast to what we experienced in the United States where we could go into most stores and find natural, organic products sitting on the shelves.

The Natural Mantra Vision
We started Natural Mantra to provide a one-stop shop for parents and eco-conscious shoppers with a wide selection of natural, organic and eco-friendly products. 
Why buy natural, organic eco-friendly products when they appear to cost more than seemingly comparable products?  Well, the truth is they are not in fact, comparable.  Products that are healthier for you, your family and the environment reflect a level of care, research and quality that the other mass-produced products lack.  Many people find the organic, eco-friendly products work more effectively and they need to use less because natural products tend to use pure, undiluted and uncontaminated ingredients.  Therefore, the little extra spent on natural products turns out to be the better value.
Not only is it a better value, it is an investment in the health of your children, yourselves and the future of our planet.  We believe that everyone should have access to safe, healthy, eco-friendly products. Every product you see on is of the highest quality, natural, organic and eco-friendly at a competitive price. At you will find some amazing earth-friendly products.  More importantly, this is the comprehensive source for sustainable products that come from passionate sellers for thoughtful shoppers like you. 
As a founder, I want you to ‘feel good’ not only about the products you buy but also about your complete customer experience.  I would like to welcome you to experience a world of unique, organic, sustainable lifestyle products that will change the way you shop.
Yours in good health and green living and a warm welcome to a sustainable natural living..

Natural Mantra takes the word 'Natural' quite seriously.So lets have a look at that:

 I was seriously impressed after reading it.

About The Site:
Natural Mantra has several products from various well known Natural brands like Auravedic, Neev, Omved, Rustic Art, Soulflower, Tvam, Lass Naturals, Boon, 24Letter Mantra, The Root, Eco Farms, Last Forest, Satvic Organic, Organic India and Samskara.
They have wide range of products starting from bath and body to Spices, condiments, Kids toys, Clothes, Skin Care,Essential oils,Hair Care and organic products.
Each week,they add several new brands and products to their existing collection.I was very happy to see 'Lass Naturals' and 'Tvam' products in their site. 

Valentine Offer:
Currently an awesome Valentine offer is going on in their site, where you get a discount of Rs 250 on minimum purchase of products worth Rs 500.Do make use of this offer,its really fabulous.

My Haul:

My First Order.I have placed two more orders with them too recently! :p

I got this 100% Beeswax Tealight Candle for free. Yayee! This got such an awesome cinnamon kind fragrance, very soothing for senses.

A Note of Thanks from the Founder Nishant Nayak himself! I am really touched!  :)
This is NEEV Gift set.I am looking forward to use it very soon and review it too.

This Ubtan is the best one for de-tanning! I used it today and completely fell in love with it.

I bought this shampoo for getting relief from dandruff which is really affecting my hair this Winter.

My Take:
Since childhood, I love using home made products for my beauty and skin care regime.I always search for natural safe brands at shops wherever I go, but always return back with empty hands.Seriously this site has almost made my dream come true by bringing together all well known and 100% safe and eco-friendly products for all of us.Now without a guilt, I can indulge and shop a lot of Natural products for me and my family.I am kind of so happy that I have already placed two more orders with them.I have now decided to stick to Natural products and cosmetics as much as possible.I am very impressed with their service and concern.It took a while to receive my parcel, but they were equally worried too and promised me to give my money back in case I do not receive the parcel by this week.

Anyways When I received the parcel, I just could not wait even for a single second to unwrap the package and to have a look at the products I had ordered.You wont believe, the moment I opened the package there was an awesome Aroma coming from whole thing :p which lingered in my room for a long time.I used the Beewax candle that I got free with my order.Its fragrance was somehow similar to cinammon, it was really so refreshing!

The NEEV Gift set looked really good, each soap smells so heavenly.I will use the Olive Neem shampoo and Soaps, then review each of them on my blog.I used that Omved ubtan today, it was damn good sweeties, immediately removed tan and my skin has got so smooth and tightened.I am in love with all products.I wish them all the very best, please do add more such brands to your existing stock.This is kind of revolution in Indian Market, I am very sure people would surely switch over to these products in near future and dump all harmful products which are hazardous for our health.

They offer Free Shipping above an order worth Rs 1000, and charge Rs 50 for orders below it.They charge Rs 20 for Cash on Delivery option.I think they should lower the limit of Rs 1000 purchase for free shipping criteria, so that many people can shop wonderful stuff without any hesitation  from this site.
Overall, I am very impressed and  happy shopping from Natural Mantra site.I intend to purchase more products from this site because I truly believe that we all deserve this Naturally beautiful luxury! 

-They have several well known brands like Soulflower, Omved, Auravedic, Tvam etc. in their stock.
-They continously add new brands in their site.
-The brands added by them are nearly 100% Safe and Eco-friendly.
-They wide range of payment option including Cash on Delivery.
-They offer discounts every now and then on their website.
-Very friendly and prompt.I used to get replies to all my queries almost same day via mail.
-Price of several products are quite reasonable.
-They have wide range of products starting from Wellness and being to organic food products and Kids toys, Organic clothes.
-They donot offer Cash on Delivery to my place. :(
-They are completely dependent on only one courier Aramex for delivering stuff.The courier service was not at all good.Took so many days to deliver stuff to my place.
-They offer Free shipping only on order above Rs 1000.
-They charge Rs 20 extra on cash on delivery option.
-The price of several products is pretty high.

I will definitely repurchase from this site every now and then.

You can connect to them at FACEBOOK AND TWITTER too!

p.s I was given a Coupon for my first purchase,but that has not affected my review in anyway.Its as usual honest and in detail.