Sunday, 11 December 2011

Oriflame Very Me Smoothie Foundation

Hello Friends!
Today I am going to review one of the Oriflame products I recently bought from Neha! Stay tuned for more reviews on Oriflame products!
What The Company Says?
Get an extra vitamin kick for your skin! Like a smoothie for your face, this nourishing foundation is enriched with berry and yogurt extracts to give you flawless, picture-perfect skin. 30 ml.
Prepped to Impress (without the stress)
Nourishing foundation with berry and yogurt extracts gives you flawless, picture-perfect skin.
"A little foundation goes a long way when you want to look your best for a night out"

Shades Available: Porcelain, Ivory, Sand, Cocoa. 

Price: Rs 279 for 30 ml, I got this for Rs 179 on offer.

My Take On Oriflame Very Me Smoothie Foundation:

While online browsing Oriflame Brochure, I found this foundation on offer.Its ingredients really did sound so good to me.It has goodness of all natural ingredients like Yogurt and Berry extracts that impart flawless finish.The word smoothie was tempting enough for me to order this foundation without checking the foundation shade with my skin tone in real.I saw it had just 4 shades, I thought the shade Sand will suit me the most as in the brochure the shade was medium with yellow undertone.Other two shades looked very pale and the the fourth one was very dark for my skin tone.
When I recieved my order, I was shocked to find the tube of foundation to be so small.I mean this is not going to last me for a long time at all.It comes in a cute black flat tube like packaging with a funky purple cap.

It has a nozzle like opening from which the product comes out after pressing the tube,very much like new Lotus Foundation tubes.I quite liked the packaging as there is no rish of spilling while traveling.

Now coming to the product quality, when I first time poured the foundation its fragrance caught my attention, feels like an edible product something like a dessert.The texture is true to its name like a smoothie, so smooth and glides seamlessly on my skin without getting streaky at all.It gets absorbed within seconds and coverage is in between light to medium,Coverage can be built up without looking like a clown :p It stays for 4-5 hours in winter easily.Its one tone dark than my skin tone but its ok for me.The best part is it neutralizes my pronounced yellow skin tone imparting a dewy and healthy look.
Now comes the horrible part, ok if you are travelling ang sweating this foundation is not going to last a long time.It also gets transferred many times to my mobile screen whenever I pick a call.This foundation cant be used during summer, its a total failure there.
I also received an old tube of foundation which is some one year old already.The tube looks so old with dirt and marks here and there.I was disappointed to receive all old stuff from oriflame, I guess they send all old stuff to their customers to clear their old stock.
Pros of the Product:
-Contains all the goodness of natural ingredients like yogurt and berry extracts.
-The foundation imparts a semi matte finish.
-It gives light to medium coverage,coverage can be built up without that extra whitening effect.
-It imparts a healthy subtle glow which looks fabulous in pictures. :x
-It neutralizes my pronounced yellow undertone.
-The texture is exactly like a smoothie, I like it sooo much.
-Glides on my skin easily without getting streaky.
-Foundations gets easily absorbed into my skin.
-It smells of some edible milk smoothie.
-Lats for 4-5 hours in winter.

Cons of the Product:
-Its not at all sweat resistant.
-In summer it will easily melt. :(
-Its not transfer resistant. :-o
-Without offer its pretty costly and not worth buying. x(
-I am not sure if it contains parabens or not.
-I received an old tube of foundation which was not only dirty old looking but also already one year old. ~x(
-Quantity is very less.

Rating: 3.25 out of 5

Will I repurchase it? No, I think its pricy for the quality it offers.

My Overall Recommendation: Buy this during winter if you find this on offer and you like semi matte finish or else its a passe.


  1. hmmmm-the sweat resistance is pretty important for people like us who stay in hot and humid locales-but for winters this is ok i guess :)

  2. @Anu yess re when i was going to buy this online, only foreign bloggers had reviwed it and everyone praised it, but after buying I realised its more apt for them, its for our skin tone and also the kind of weather we have!

  3. I meant its not for our skin tone and weather we have in india!

  4. I was planning to buy this for a long time..thank God I didn't...melting is seriously a no no...:|
    Thanks for the review Taps :)

  5. Ohhhh am soo glad that my review could be of help to you dear ! :)

  6. Which shade you have Taps in this? I use peachy glow from oriflame 7 it works fine for me

  7. @Shri lata I have this in shade Sand, the one you talking about is another range from Oriflame, that is Oriflame Peach me perfect, I have heard its very good but never used that.This one is another range from Oriflame!

  8. howz the it light or mediun?

  9. I dont have much blemishes but I have seen its can built up to medium coverage nicely!

  10. The foundation looks very artificial. Check out Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation and MAC Select cover. I like Loreal Mineral one too. It gives good coverage if used with concealer


  11. @Megha will surely check mac products 4 sure very soon! welcome to my blog! :)