Friday, 9 December 2011

Konad Single Eye Shadow 'Black Sparkle'

Hello Friends!
Today I am reviewing a single eye shadow from Konad that I purchased from Nirus Nails and Beauty shopping site which stocks up all kinds of products ranging from Nail art to Skin care and Make up products from Konad.I purchased 2 Eye shadow brush, 1 gel liner brush and a single eye shadow 'Black Sparkle' from them.Will share my shopping experience some other day.

What The Company Says?
Eye shadow with colorful pearls for dazzling eyes
Long lasting, rich colors add 3D highlight to the eyes
Match different colors to create beautiful eyes! 
iloje Flobu Eye Shadow's silicon powder gives fine particles and a soft feel that enable moisturized and silky smooth application. 
Enhanced skin adhesiveness prevents the makeup from becoming pasty on the face.
Non-clumping, long-lasting color makes bright and beautiful eyes possible.
Furthermore, outstanding color and subtle pearls change according to the angle of the light to give fine, 3D eye makeup.
With iloje Flobu Eye Shadow, you can select the color of your choice and create a unique color palette. 
1)Apply an adequate amount to an eyebrow brush or the bottom of a finger and spread naturally over the skin.
2)Apply point color to the tip of a sponge and rub it on the back of the hand or tissue to control the color intensity.
3)Spread on the skin around the eyes to finish the makeup. 

Price- Rs 130 for a single eye shadow.

Shades- I saw in total 10 different shades in the website.

Can you spot the mistake?

My Take On Konad Single Eye Shadow 'Black Sparkle'
I bought this single eye shadow from Konad some four months back when I didn't own a single black eye shadow.Smokey eye makeup has always fascinated me, so I wanted to own a black eye shadow at all cost.People usually purchase nail polishes, stamping kits from Konad but as I have fascination towards eye make up I ended up buying all eye makeup products.When I searched the site and found Konad eye shadow brushes and single eye shadows at reasonable rate,I placed my order.I saw the picture of Black Sparkle shadow and saw it was black with few sparkles.I thought to give this a try as I was getting it for just Rs 130.

Ok now coming to the shadow, its a greyish black eye shadow with prominent golden and silver sparkles.I had not expected the shadow would have such chunky sparkles so the pictures used in the website were quite misleading.Anyways this shadow can be used for soft smokey eye makeup.This is definitely not for intense eye make up look.The texture of the shadow is not very smooth owing to the presence of sparkles.

I apply kohl on my eye lid and set it with my Nyx single eye shadow Black and then softly pat this shadow on my lid and seriously it looks damn good in that way.Its staying power is hardly 2 hours or so when used alone.Pigmentation wise, its not very pigmented hence when used alone just shows sparkles on lids and no color as such.

Very poor Color Pay off

I have used Nyx Eye Shadow Base Skin Tone
Pros of Single Eye Shadow:
-Damn reasonable price.
-Quantity is great for just 130 bucks.
-It adds that dazzling effect to your overall look with its golden and silver sparkle.
-Its a pretty greyish black shadow.
-Konad cosmetics are prepared from Natural ingredients.
-Looks good on layering above a matte black eye shadow.

Cons of Single Eye Shadow:
-It comes in a damn tacky plastic cover, packaging is so bad.Looks like a product from a local brand.
-It has fall out.
-Its poorly pigmented.
-It has chunky golden and silver sparkles.
-Its a greyish black shadow, so I feel the pictures used in the site is quite misleading.
-Staying power is hardly 2 hours when used alone.
-No list of ingredients and net weight is mentioned anywhere.
-Only 10 shades are available.
-The butterfly imprinted on the eyeshadow surface looks really cheap.
-The cover of my shadow mentions it to be White Sparkle.
-Available only at Nirus nails and beauty website. 
-Its difficult to remove the sparkles with a cleanser.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 

Will I repurchase it? Simply out of question.

Overall Recommendation: If you are looking for a shadow for soft smokey eyes and you are a fan of sparkles then do go for it, otherwise don't.I think many of you wont like it at all.I use it on top of my matte black eye shadow and the effect is quite good in that way.


  1. aww the color payoff looks not so nice,,but black sparkle shade looks damn gud on eyes :)

    nice review hun :)

  2. try using the shadow on top of a eyeshadow primer... colour looks so beautiful in the palette .. .

  3. @Namita Thanks namita, I dont find these pigmented but these are damn reasonable !

  4. @Rids yes it looks good , just wish it was more pigmented, i have put on another pic using nyx eye shadow base, do check out!

  5. ohh this looks awesome in pan.Wish it was more pigmented :(

  6. Yess dear, it looks good, but when i use on top of a matte black shadow, it looks really nice!

  7. Nice shade...bad it didn't work out well!

  8. @Rakshanda yaaa shade is good, may be with a good primer it will work!

  9. I have seen this site. But somehow did not like it. let usknow how the brushes fare

  10. Ya its greyish..I have pink n purple in it..those r nice :)

  11. @ Nivedita even i didnt like much but I ordered, n they took 20 days to deliver me, n they dont even give you any online reciept after u order, so after 20 days when i received my package i realized they had accepted my order

  12. @Bhumika Yess I have read your reviews, those looked good!

  13. I somehow like the glitter...:D Would work great for parties and dramatic looks. Pigmentation is quite a turn off.

  14. @Prachi Ohhh you like glitters? I dont mind wearing shadows with sparkles in parties n all! Yes you suggested right! I hope it works with good eye primers, with my nyx primer, it looked greyish!