Monday, 12 December 2011

My Overall Shopping Experience with Style and Haul

Hello Friends!
Today I am going to share my overall shopping experience with StyleCraze till date and my shopping haul.I have shopped twice from this online shopping site and seriously intend to do more.Their personalized service has completely hooked me to this wonderful shopping site. I have seriously forgotten about all other sites now! :p

About Style

Style Craze is started by Chetana, an Amateur Make up artist from Hyderabad. 

What is the purpose of
Provide the best in Cosmetics & Beauty care products to Indians at affordable prices combined with legendary customer service.
So what prompted Chetana to start the site?
Lack of variety in retail stores is a major concern for any Make up junkie. And when it comes to beauty, I never compromise on the Brand or the shade. StyleCraze was started so that you dont have to compromise on your Beauty needs.  - Chetana
What are the advantages of buying from StyleCraze?
a. Get access to the Largest collection of Cosmetics & Beauty care brands at one place
b. Upto 25% lower prices than Retail stores - No physical stores implies less costs, we prefer to pass this on to the customer in terms of lower prices
c. Amazing Customer Service: We pride in our Customer Service. All the products on the site are in stock & ready to ship. So we ship within a maximum of 3 Business days of receiving the order. 

My Overall Shopping Experience:
I have till date shopped twice from them and totally loved their service and dedication.Though they do not have all brands that I desire still their personalized service has made me their fan.They followed me first of all on twitter and thus from there I came to know more about them.Initially I thought it was like any other shopping site but when Chetana told me that I could personally  request products that I wish to purchase from them and they can bring those with in a week actually caught my attention.They also have great discounts on several products.I requested several stuff from them and gave my list.They brought almost all the products within few days and dispatched my first order.I had opted for COD for my first order but they mailed me that they didn't have COD service to my place but will cover my place under First Flight COD soon.I got my first package after 6 days.Everything was good except my L'Oreal Khol, I found the bottom of the khol had cracked spilling khol in the bubble wrap.I immediately mailed them with pictures showing the product.Chetana responded to my mail within 1 hour and promised me to send me another khol with my next purchase.I had not paid anything till then for my order.Ok do check the pictures of my first order:

-Loreal Mineral Khol
-Revlon Colorstay Eye shadow Quad Copper Spice
-Faces Eyeliner Pencil 'Turquoise Blue'

After that I asked them to bring Revlon Photoready Foundation and Faces Go chic Lipstick for me.They brought all products within 8-9 days.The most awesome thing is that they immediately reply to my Twit and mail.So I ordered several stuff including Bourjois Paris eye shadows from them during second time.They dispatched my second order along with the L'Oreal Khol.After few days I credited the amount of both the orders in their account.They said I can pay at my own convenience. I don't think a single shopping site can give that much of liberty to any of its customer.

Ok one thing which I didn't like was they said they would dispatch my order by First Flight but they dispatched by Professional couriers and didn't inform me about that.When I mailed them to send me the tracking number they sent me the bill and I saw they had sent me by professional couriers.After that I got it clarified that they did it because First Flight couriers were very casual and didn't dispatch my order even after two days of keeping it idle in their office.

Another thing that I didn't like was using of thermocol balls, I mean once you open the package those balls create a mess around the room.Its a pain to clean all those really.I hope they improve their packaging and introduce more brands.I  always wanted to buy some products from Bourjois Paris, its due to them I could buy some Bourjois stuff at last.Ok now check my second order Pictures:

-Faces eye liner pencil- Dark Green
-Faces sparkle dust- Gold
-Faces Sparkle Dust- Teal
-Revlon Photoready Foundation
-Faces Go chic lipstick Hazelnut.
-Lotus pure color lipstick Rosewood
-Bourjois Extrait little pot eye shadow- 6, 8, 9, 10 ( I am soooo greedy :p )
-Loreal Mineral Khol. (They sent a new one)
-Konad False Eye Lashes- FREE GIFT. 

Faces Go Chic Lipstick Hazelnut

Lotus Pure Color Lipstick Rosewood

Bourjois Extrait Eye Shadow -6

Bourjois Extrait Eye Shadow 9

Bourjois Extrait Eye Shadow 8

Bourjois Extrait Eye Shaodow 10
Pros :
-They offer free shipping over orders worth Rs 250.
-They have 7 days no question asked return policy.
-Several payment options available.
-They have wide range products varying from Makeup, skin care, hair care to Men's grooming products and accessories such as epilators, rollers, curler, stylers etc.
-Very friendly and active customer care.
-They give prompt replies to your queries by mail ore twit.
-They were the first shopping site to bring Chambor, Maxfactor and Bourjois paris products together at their site.
-They provide a personalized service where we can request them to bring products ranging from makeup , skin care etc for us.They bring those to their site within a week.I have ordered Revlon photoready foundation, Faces Go chic Lipstick, few shades of colorbar velvet matte lipstick and they brought everything for me within a week and personally notified me. :)
-They dispatched my second order worth Rs 3000+ without even receiving the payment of my first order. Can you believe that?????? After they dispatched the order, I credited the amount. :x
-They offer awesome discount on almost all products.
-They immediately dispatched a new L'Oreal mineral khol after I showed them pics of the damaged khol.
-They send free gifts to people with every purchase.
-My second order took nearly 10 days to reach me, so to compensate for that they gave me a coupon worth Rs 250. 
-They send all brand new stuff.

Cons :
-I  don't like those thermocol balls in my package as they fly here and there creating such mess.
-I hope they cover my place under COD soon.
-I would love to see more brands in their site.
-There is error in price mentioning of several products. Like I saw Nyx Auto liner Real price is Rs 225, but in their site it is Rs 325 and the L'Oreal cream which is Rs 449 was mentioned Rs 499.They corrected the price of L'Oreal products after I mailed them.

Will I shop Again? Oh yes! If they improve their packaging and cover my place under COD and ensure early delivery then they should be assured that they have a permanent customer now.  :)


  1. You bought 4 eyeshadows in one haul!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(( :(( :(( but ya-I agree with you-Style Craze has impressed me totally with its wonderful customer dealing-and I dint get thermocol balls!!!! hahaha-mess around home :D :D :D

  2. @Anu Yaa re me bought 4 shadows, you know na how greedy I am ! :p But sweetheart I think you going to have, Mac, Inglot and Chambor haul I think soon, wat abot that???? Yess me too liked stylecraze service a lot!

  3. Fabulous Hauls!!! love the detailed review. Btw did you leave any Bourjois shadows for the rest of us? =))

  4. @ Pooja thanks dear! he he he i have left other 6 shadows for you all! :D

  5. gonna check this one out verrrrrrrrry soon :)

  6. @Somreeta yessss dear do check this out! Its really a great site!

  7. I too loved StyleCraze..they have very personalized services and pay attention to every single customer..

  8. @Prachi yes me too re a lot!! i totally agree with you!

  9. omg, u raided stylecraze or wat?? awesome haul :)

  10. @Indgal he he he! yesssss re almost raided the site! Going to raid again at year end sale too! :p

  11. wow..nice haul..

  12. @allaboutladies Thanks a lot!Welcome to my blog!

  13. OMG !! so much stuff ! but nice things u picked :)

  14. @Bhumika :D me got greedy and bought so much!! Am glad you liked all these!

  15. many things u picked up waiting for EOTDs n FOTDs :P everybody is raving about this site. Must chk this out soon ;)

  16. @Jyoti Yaaaa re when I saw so many stuff na then I couldnt resist myself and ordered so much! Yess in Jan me getting a cam then will try posting EOTDs n all, but you will have to tolerate those ! :p This site is indeed too good! I have really forgotten about remaining shopping sites ! Do try for sure!

  17. Thanks for the wonderful review Tapaswini. Save some money for the Year end sale :)

  18. Wooow!!! This is simply HUGEEEE!!!!
    Tell me your address and I would steal everything!!! :P

  19. @Chetana You are always welcome, I liked the service a lot! Do bring the Vega brushes for me ! :) Yes I have saved for the year end sale dear ! :D

  20. @ Nivedita,He he he yessssss its huge!!! me greedy a lot!!!me will give u all !!! come na!!

  21. it is so big haul manya............. very nice..

  22. @Ani Yaaa ani I bought all this as all products were so tempting!

  23. Amazing drooling for all the faces and bourjois products. I love stylecraze too...Have stopped shopping from other online stores :D

  24. @Parul welcome to my blog dear ! :) the bourjois stuffs are sooooo good, i am impressed with the quality , i am buying more for sure! even i have forgotten all other shopping sites after shopping from stylecraze :p

  25. You are a big fat shopper i must say :)

  26. @Shruti :p yes I have turned into one thanks to other bloggers and their awesome reviews!

  27. Turning green after seeing your haul :P .. craze do have a variety of brands compared to other sites :)

  28. I haven't heard of Stylecraze but it sounds like a great place to shop for cosmetics. I'm gonna have to check them out now!

  29. @Mylikesandthoughts welcome to my blog dear ! :p me too cant believe seeing my own haul! i have turned greedy these days! i love stylecraze!

  30. @Sara welcome to my blog dear ! do check out stylecraze 4 sure! they have amazing discount and you can also request them bring rpoducts only 4 u! after shopping from there i have forgotten every other site!

  31. very good article that reminds me grabbing a few months to buysome very good products online at and I camequickly and without problems