Friday, 18 November 2011

Street Wear Perfect Definition Eyeliner- Blue

Hello Friends!
These days I am seriously obsessed with blue liners of all kinds-matte,shimmery,metallic finish, just anything.So when I saw this at an online shopping site,ordered it the same day without much delay.So read my take on this product:

What the company Says?
Gives your eyes the perfect outline

Smudge proof and fade proof. Nice bristles that border your eyes finely in a quick smooth swipe. The make-over leaves you looking like a nymph with those sharp seductive eyes! 

Price: Rs 55 for 5 ml

Available in two colors: Black and Blue

My Take on Street Wear Perfect Definition Eyeliner:
These I am using blue liners a lot every other day.Actually I got lots of compliments from my PhD colleagues recently and other hostel mates so kind of feeling really content with my purchase.I have huge collection of blue liners from several brands ranging from Lakme to Nyx.So I wanted a blue matte liquid liner for every day use at reasonable price.Thus after seeing its price and quantity, I purchased it immediately.When I first saw this liner,the first thing that came into my mind was Ujala  liquid blue! He He He! Anyways, this liner has very runny consistency so I kind of shook the bottle and then used it.The liner takes much time to dry up which I do not like at all.Anyways when I applied it on my upper lash line, I found the royal blue color popping nicely.This liner doesn't get streaky if you shake the bottle first and then use.It is quite pigmented and lasts for 4-5hours on my lash line.I tried to smudge it but true to its claim its smudge proof but yes not waterproof which would be a turn off for many of us.But at the price I am getting this liner, am not going to complain at all.

Just one droplet of water created such mess!


Pros of the Product:
>The shade is a nice royal blue color.
>Price is damn reasonable, its just Rs 55 for 5 ml.
>This shade instantly brightens my overall look.
>The application of the liner is even and doesn't get streaky.
>Staying power is 4-5 hours.
>This liner is indeed smudge proof.
>Availability is not an issue.
>Nice matte blue shade ideal for daily wear.
>Liner gets easily removed with a cleanser.

Cons of the Product:

>The consistency of the liner is quite runny.
>The liner takes much time to dry.
>No website is there, thus we are not aware what all new products are launched.
>List of complete ingredients is no where mentioned.
>It doesn't have a felt tip applicator, so those who are not accustomed with liquid liners may face problems.
>Lastly this liner is not at all waterproof, see the swatches above.

Rating? 3.5 out of 5

Will I repurchase it? I wont need to and I will look for the waterproof alternative.

My Overall Recommendation? You can purchase it, if you like matte blue colors for daily use at reasonable price and you are not much concerned regarding non waterproof nature of the liner.


  1. this is so bright Taps. Color is awesome.Had it been smudge proof i wud hve bought it. looks really nice on ur eyes :)

  2. Hiii jyoti this eyeliner is smudge proof but not waterproof ! Thanks that you liked it on me ! :) I love reading your posts a lot! Keep it up!

  3. thnx for liking them Taps. :)

  4. color is so bright taps
    u know i got one blue pencil liner..same color and its so's brand is Emily..!
    i wish it was available in india too:(

  5. Ya Bidisha color is indeed bright and worth the price! Abroad there r wide range of cosmetics which are inexpensive and soo good in quality, we dont have option in india :(

  6. Welcome to my blog Ani, yes its a nice vibrant shade !

  7. Ohh I have the NYX liner in Blue.. I think the colour is quite similar.. And I just hate it when the liner dissolves in water and makes such a mess! The NYX one sort of flakes off with water but doesnt smudge> Weird but works for me> hehe.

  8. @ purple spirit, welcome to my blog dear! which one you have from Nyx??? is it the nyx slim eye liner u talking about? I have nyx pencil in electric blue which I will review today, i didnt like it much re, its hard on lids!