Thursday, 17 November 2011

Deborah Trio Hi-Tech Eye Shadow -( Black Dalia 13)

Hello Friends!
Today I am reviewing one of my favorite trios that I possess.It has an amazing combination of three shades:
-White Shimmer
-Midnight Blue
Seriously must have palette for parties! 

What the Company Says:
Handy palettes containing a trio of perfectly coordinated ultra-iridescent eye shadows for the stylish and sophisticated look of a professional make-up. It is formulated to minimize the risk of allergies.

List of Ingredients:
Lots many cant type. :p

Price:Rs 495, Rs 420 from Urban

My Take on the product:

After buying the Deborah trio Gold Fever, I liked this particular palette a lot and wanted to have it as soon as possible!It has got the combination of all my favorite shades.This palette would be a dream palette for all smoky eye makeup lovers.Whenever I use it dry, these shades I find quite less pigmented with very less staying power.The blue shade seems blackish on my lids when used dry but when used wet it looks midnight bluish shade, which is truly awesome.The midnight blue shade has very fine blue and black shimmer,greyish black shade has very fine sliver and grey shimmer.These shades look really pigmented with almost zero fall out and enhanced staying power whenever used wet.

When used dry

When used wet

Yes the EOTD is not good enough but am trying and learning.I am in need of a blending brush actually.

Pros of Deborah Hi tech Eye shadow Black Dahlia:
>This palette has an awesome combination of three gorgeous colors:
-Midnight Blue
-Greyish Black

>These are hypoallergenic.
>These shades can be used both dry and wet.
>T hese are baked shadow, so a little is required and will go a long way.
>Nice attractive packaging.
>Several palettes are available in this range.
>These shades are really pigmented when used wet.
>Staying power is good.
>Contains very fine shimmer,no chunky glitters.
>Reasonable price.
>The eye shadow applicator is of pretty good quality.
>Great combination for creating smokey eyes.
>Must have palette for parties.
>It adds an extra oomph factor to my look.
>Very smooth texture.

Cons of Deborah Hi-Tech  Eye Shadow Black Dahlia:

>These don't seem pigmented when used dry. 
>The blue shade seems black on my lid when used dry.
>Contains lots many chemicals including parabens.
>Availability is an issue.( Search online shopping sites)

Rating: 4 out of 5

Will I repurchase? No, this will last me for a long time so wont need to.

My Overall Recommendation: Those who love smokey eye makeup and such fabulous combination of  so gorgeous colors should give this a try for sure.




  1. these look really pigmented Taps.....wud luv to try something frm Deborah now. :)

  2. Yaaa jyoti these are quite pigmented and combo is sooo awesome na!

  3. The blue color is gorgeous!!! This is such a nice combo!!! Thanks for the review!!! and are u using any primer below it???

  4. Ya blue one is super gorgeous! no i am not using any primer, just the shadows in wet form!!!

  5. hellooooo taps... glad i stumbled across yr blog today ... ll certainly follow your blog... i luv d blue color !!!

    check out my blog too..

  6. The shades are pretty..but I am not a fan of shimmer..though metallic finish is still ok..

  7. Rids am glad you visited my blog! Your blog already in my list of blogs that i follow, i love reading your posts !

  8. Ya Bhumika even i donot much like shimmer but this palette is ezxception, i love all colors so i dont mind the shimmers! I love shadows with pearl kind finish !

  9. beautiful EOTD girl.. and wow for the shades :)

  10. @Suma,, awww you really liked the EOTD??? Its not very good but me trying to learn ! :) thanks a lot!