Friday, 18 November 2011

Hip Hop Skin Care Instant Nail Polish Remover Wipes

Hello Friends!
I got introduced to hip hop range of skincare products after Ankita of Corallista Blog reviewed their hip hop kiwi scrub.I purchased their coffee scrub after that which I am loving a lot these days ( will review soon). I had never before used any kind of nail polish remover wipes from any brand (never seen any such brands at cosmetic shops) and this is my first such purchase and am really loving it a lot.

Price: Rs 75 for 30 wipes, I got this for Rs 68

What the Company Says:
Easily & effectively remove nail polish while also conditioning the cuticles
● Quick, clean & effortless way to remove Nail Polish.
● Acetone Free Formula - does not over dry or damage nails.
● Conditions & Moisturise the cuticles.
● One single wipe is enough for 10 nails.
● Contains Amyl Acetate, Citronella Oil, Lemon Oil, Glycerin, Castor Oil & Vitamin E. Amyl Acetate is used as a dissolver, Citronella Oil acts as an Anti-septic agent. Lemon Oil - Acts as a disinfectant, does not dry out skin, leaves refreshing fragrance. Vitamin E and Castor Oil rejuvenates & nourishes the skin.
How to Use
● Remove one single wipe with the tweezer (provided inside the carton).
● Moisten all painted nails with the wipe one by one & start wiping out the nail polish with the same wipe.
● Close the container immediately after removing the pad.
30 Wipes

Avon Nail Paint Inky Blue

My Take on this Product:
I have had horrible experience with nail polish remover in past, they over dry my nails and damage them too leaving rough white cuticles.So when I saw this nail polish remover wipes being available at such reasonable price, couldn't stop myself from ordering.Hip hop has wide range of skin care products like- Kiwi, Strawberry, coffee scrubs, wax strips, nail polish, lipstick and makeup remover wipes.
This product comes in a wide tub packaging with a tight screw cap and a lid to prevent the wipes from getting dry.A cute little tweezer is provided to remove wipes to avoid contamination.The wipes seriously have tangy fragrance mainly of citronella and lemon oil.These wipes are really damn effective in removing thick nail paints without much hassles unlike nail polish remover.They leave my nails clean and moisturised in few seconds.The conditioning effect wasn't as good as I had expected but it didn't dry my cuticles at all.One wipe is enough for removing nail paint from all ten fingers.30 wipes going to last me for a long time.This is seriously a must buy nail care product. 
Pros of Hip Hop Nail Polish Remover Wipes:
>Nice attractive packaging with tight screw cap and lid.
>Price is super reasonable at Rs 75 for 30 wipes.
>A small tweezer is provided to take out the wipes without contaminating the others.
>Its a travel friendly product.
>It contains all natural ingredients for conditioning and removing nail paint.
>It has refreshing yet tangy fragrance of citronella and lemon oil.
>Its acetone free hence doesn't damage the cuticles.
Cons of Hip Hop Nail Polish Remover Wipes:
>The conditioning effect didn't meet my expectations.
>Availability is an issue.( has this in stock)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 

My Overall Recommendation: Its a must have nail care product.Buy this,you wont be disappointed at all.


  1. wow great review Taps..these are so effective na..i too was planning to get them from UT! now will get them for sure!

  2. Hi Parita thanks for visiting my blog! Yaa I bought them from urban and these are awesome wipes ! Do try this out!

  3. ohh great. Getting these for sure. wud really b of help with my current obsession with nail paints :P

  4. Ya jyoti get these for sure, as they are inexpensive and amazing !

  5. i want to try these for sure !!! ll surely hunt for em now in beauty centres

  6. ya rids get these for sure!!! you can get these at urban touch too!

  7. Thanks for the gr8 review taps!! These are so handy and price is economical too!!!! If I shop from UT-It will get these for sure

  8. Ya Anu these are damn economical and going to last for a long time! these donot get dry easily also! do try this one if you shop from urbantouch

  9. Great review:) This sounds like a wonderful product!!!

  10. Thanks dear !! Welcome to my blog !! Its a nice alternative nail polish remover liquid !