Monday, 14 November 2011

My Favorite Winter Beauty Mask

Hello Friends,
I hope everyone is doing well.Its been a week I could not write anything because my poor lappy fell down from my working bench and the hard drive crashed :( , even I was not keeping well.Anyways sweeties now as the lappy is fine I felt like sharing some of my beauty tips with all of you for this winter.So my friends be happy and stay beautiful this winter!

Whenever winter approaches,juicy oranges always come into my mind.So I would love to tell how I use this fruit peels during winter.

Orange Mask for Dry skin:

Make a fine paste of orange peels and milk cream.Then add few drops pf honey in it.Use this mask on your face , neck and areas which are very dry.This mask will keep your skin hydrated and brighten your complexion.

Orange Mask for Normal Skin: 

Make a fine paste of orange peels and add a bit of yogurt.Do apply this on your face, neck and areas which gets tanned easily.This mask will help in de-tanning your skin and will also remove facial blemishes.

Orange Mask for Oily Skin:

Make a fine paste of orange peels and 5-6 neem leaves.Add a bit of multani mitti (fuller's earth) in it to get paste like consistency.Use this mask at least twice a week for oil control and for preventing occurrence of pimples.This mask has antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties so get relieved from acne prone skin this winter.

>You all can also dry the orange peels and use the powdered peels for a long time.To increase the shelf life add a bit of powdered neem leaves in it and use it whenever and wherever you want.

>These days I have seen several brands selling orange peel powder, you may use that.I think Ayur herbals has it.

>You all may use the Ayur herbals ready to use orange peel mask too.Its really a nice mask and I quite liked it.

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