Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Elle 18 Kajal

Hello Friends!
I am an ardent fan of kohls of all kinds since childhood.I cant skip using kohl even a single day.I have used kohls from several brands rather you can say almost all brands available in India! So I want to share my experience with Elle 18 kajal with all of you.
What the Company Says?
Elle18 presents Kajal with a rich and lustrous black color, it is enriched with almond oil.

Price: Rs 65

My Take on Elle 18 Kajal:

Elle 18 has revamped its entire range and has come out with some new products in their Color Bomb range.The kajal and eye liner were already there in the old range but the new ones I feel are much better quality wise with attractive eye catching package.I have used Kohl from Lotus, VLCC, Himalaya, Biotique, Blue Heaven, Lakme,Faces, Maybelline I like Lotus one a lot, even I like Lakme kohl ultimate and Maybelline Colossal kajal but they are less kohl like more liner kind.The best I felt was that of Faces one.

When I used Elle 18 kajal, I saw it was really pigmented with glossy finish.Its fragrance is similar to home made kajals.It doesn't smudge a lot and stays for 4-5 hours easily with slight smudging but no racoon eyes of course.For the price I am getting it, I would buy it again and again.

Pros of Elle 18 Kajal:

>This kohl is enriched with almond extracts.
>It has nice pleasant home made kajal like fragrance.
>Its really pigmented kajal,see the pics above.
>This kohl has nice glossy kind finish.
>Attractive cute packaging.
>Reasonable price when compared to other kohls.
>Staying power is 4-5 hours with slight smudging.
>Easily  available at cosmetic and stationary shops.
>No irritation when used on waterline.

Cons of Elle 18 Kajal:

>Its in stick form so with use , it will get blunt and it would be difficult to use.
>Not completely smudge proof kohl.( I don't expect that from a kohl though).

Rating: 4.25 out of 5

Will I repurchase it? May be, other than this kohl I liked Faces kajal a lot.So will buy that again.

My Overall Recommendation: This kohl is a must have for makeup beginners and kohl lovers.Its inexpensive and really good.


  1. This kajal badly smudges on my waterline :(. There's a blog award for you :)


  2. Actually kajal have the inherent property of smudging! it can be somehow controlled with a loose powder or compact but not entirely!kajals that do not smudge are actually liners and have different formulation!