Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Fenugreek Hair Mask

Hello Friends!

During winter we all tend to have dandruff which makes our hair lifeless and causes hairfall. So I wanted to share with you about the fenugreek mask which has always come to my rescue and relieved me from my dandruff and other hair problems. This is the only ayurvedic treatment I have seen gives immediate result even just with a single application. This amber colored seeds used in Indian cuisine has lots of medicinal properties. Its rich in several minerals and vitamins like Biotin which strengthens the shaft of our hair. Its rich in lecithin which kind of produces mucilage when seeds are soaked in water, that mucilage acts as a wonderful conditioner for our hair. Fenugreek not only relieves us from dandruff problem but also conditions and strengthens our hair. This pack makes our hair free from scalp infections and scalp bumps too. It also makes out hair shiny and promotes hair growth with regular usage. This overall improves the holistic health of our hair. So I would love to share my own ways to use fenugreek in my hair care regime.

1-Fenugreek Lemon Mask-Soak fenugreek seeds in water for some hours then grind it to make fine paste. Dilute the paste as the mask is sticky and its difficult to wash it off. Then add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and apply on your hair and scalp. This pack relieves us from any kind of scalp infections and scalp bumps.

2-Fenugreek Yogurt Mask-The recipe is entirely same as the first one, just replace lemon with yogurt. This pack conditions our hair and relieves us from dandruff problem.

3-Hair Toner-Many a time I soak just 2 tablespoonful of fenugreek seeds in half liter of water and use the water next day in diluting my shampoos. I have observed after doing this my hair never looks limp and is naturally conditioned. I skip using conditioner entirely. I also keep rest of the water in refrigerator for 2 days and use it as a hair toner. It makes my hair damn smooth and strong.

So my friends do follow these tips this winter and flaunt your problem free gorgeous mane to the whole world!


  1. awesome tips Taps. 'll try the toner for sure. :)

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  3. I use this mask regularly on my hair......good tips Taps

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  6. shri do u like this mask?? its suits me a lott! sorry to you all for replying late