Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Hip Hop Skin Care Coffee Face Scrub

Hello Friends!
I wanted to try the facial scrubs from the brand Hip Hop Skin Care since a long time, thanks to Ankita of beautiful Corallista Makeup Blog.She had reviewed their Kiwi Scrub which drew my attention to this not so well known brand.

 This range comprises of the following scrubs:

-Kiwi Scrub
-Strawberry Scrub
-Coffee Scrub
-Apricot Scrub

Price: Rs 80 for 120 gm scrub, I got this for Rs 72, Rs 50 for 60gm scrub.

What the Company Says?

Provides an invigorating massage & leaves skin rejuvenated.
Awaken your senses with unique & hot new concept of rejuvenating face scrub with real Coffee bean. Contains real Coffee Bean extract, Shea Butter, Wheatgerm Oil, Vitamin C & E. Coffee Bean extract lightly exfoliates skin, reduces inflammation and awakens senses. Shea Butter & Wheatgerm Oil help in reducing blemishes & scars, rejuvenates damaged skin cells increasing blood flow to promote new cell growth. Also contains Vitamin C working as an anti-oxidant agent and helps in skin lightening leaving it rejuvenated. Suitable for all skin types.

How to Use
Moisten face & neck. Squeeze a quarter sized portion of the scrub and apply all over face & neck with wet fingertips. Gently massage for a minute in circular movement avoiding eye area. Rinse well with water & pat dry.

My Take on Hip Hop Coffee Scrub:
This is one of the most inexpensive and best facial scrub available in the market now.I was satisfied using their nail polish remover wipes, which I have reviewed HERE. First I wanted to buy their Kiwi scrub but it looked so similar to the Aroma magic glow scrub that I skipped it.I have used the whole tube of Aroma magic scrub so a bit bored now. :p I have always used coffee along with sugar and yogurt as a scrub.My home made coffee scrub was my HG scrub and its effect was very much visible on my skin.It had such brightening effect on me that used to last for 2-3 days.The effect was so good that many of my friends started using coffee scrub seeing mine.Anyways now in this new hostel, I kind of feel bored to make this coffee scrub so when I saw this ready to use Coffee scrub from Hip Hop skin care brand at an online shopping site,just could not stop myself and immediately purchased it.

This scrub is very creamy with big,coarse light and dark brown granules.It somehow smells of coffee, chocolate along with some synthetic fragrance. This scrub leaves my skin squeaky clean and hydrated for quite some time.It removes layer of dead cells leaving smooth clear skin thus instantly relieving dull tired looking skin.It has controlled my whiteheads to a great extent.I do not get new blackheads now even after extended sun exposure.This scrub has somehow controlled the blackheads and even removed some of the existing ones.Though there has been no effect on deep seated stubborn blackheads of mine.It contains Shea butter so keeps my skin hydrated but for some 15-20 minutes in this winter.I feel the need to use a moisturizer as my skin starts feeling a bit stretchy.People those who have sensitive skin and need a gentle scrub wont like this scrub as it has big granules which are coarse in texture like sand particles.Anyways this didn't break me at all and I would recommend this scrub to everybody except people with sensitive skin.

Pros of Hip Hop Skin Care Coffee Scrub:

>Contains coffee extracts, Shea butter and Wheatgerm oil.
>Fragrance seriously awakens my senses.
>Leaves clean, smooth hydrated skin.
>Controls occurrence of whiteheads and eliminates them.
>Removed some of the blackheads and prevented occurrence of new ones.
>I liked their tagline that says 'Dermatologically, Microbiologically & Clinically tested.
>This is a very creamy scrub, thus keeps my skin hydrated.
>It contains big light and dark brown granules that exfoliates my skin and removes dead skin layer.
>This would suit normal and combination skin people a lot!
>Tube packaging ensures that product stays hygienic for a long period of  time.
>Super reasonable price for large quantity.
>They have wide range of products including scrubs,wax strips, makeup and nail polish removal wipes. 

Cons of Hip Hop Skin Care Coffee Scrub:

>Complete list of ingredients not mentioned.
>It has big coarse granules so excessive rubbing may lead to microscopic tears leading to increase in skin sensitivity.
>My dry skin feels bit stretchy after 15-20 minutes of usage.
>Fragrance is somehow synthetic.
>I had expected the scrub to contain more coffee extracts. :D
>They recommend this product for all skin types which doesn't go well with my understanding of concept regarding different need for different skin type.
>Available only in  Maharashtra and now at urban touch.com
>The brand has not been promoted or marketed in a proper way.There is no website of the brand.

Rating: 4.25 out of 5

Will I repurchase it? I may buy their Kiwi scrub, but Biotique papaya scrub is always my favorite.

My Overall Recommendation:I recommend this product to almost everybody except people with sensitive skin and those who like very mild scrub.This is a must buy skin product available at such reasonable price for huge quantity.


  1. nice detailed review taps :) will keep n eye on this once my nature co. finishes ...

  2. Thanks a lot! I dont think you would love this after using that fantabulous Nature's co coffee scrub!

  3. from where did you buy this scrub taps.....looks so good

  4. nice review taps.. hv not tried nythin frm hip hop yet !! must pick sumthng up

  5. wow...nice review
    m waiting for the delivery ;)

  6. @Shri Ya its a nice one and I bought this from urbantouch.com

  7. @Rids ya this is indeed good and mostly reasonable for huge quantity!

  8. @Bididsha this is really nice one, i hope you will enjoy using it 4 sure!

  9. it sounds like a decent one. share ur coffee scrub recipie na....m getting bored so meanwhile i can try tht :P

  10. @jyoti yess dear its a nice one!try it out but the home made one is much better, take 1 tbsp of instant cofee, sugar and milk cream if dry skin or yougurt if normal skin or milk if oily skin then mix it with bit of honey.bas your scrub is ready to use !

  11. Ohh cool.bt sugar granules r nt abrasive kya?

  12. let it stay for 5 minutes, when it will star melting then apply!

  13. Thnx Taps. :) 'll make it now only. :D