Monday, 21 November 2011

My Online Shopping Experience with Urban

Hello Friends!
Its been more than 5 months I have been shopping from Urban am more than satisfied with their service and quite happy with their prompt, very active and helpful customer care.There have been occasional glitches but they solved it in the best way possible almost surprising me.So read more to know my overall shopping experience.You can check out their site from HERE

About Urban
Urban Touch serves an essential human need - to look beautiful. We offer only the best and biggest brands so you can remain assured of the quality of every item we sell. We aim to provide you an incredible shopping experience, a wide range of brands and excellent customer service.

Quality Assurance
We offer high-end brands in beauty and personal care. Every product we sell is 100% genuine. If you are not satisfied with a product you can return it and obtain a refund, no questions asked.

Customer Delight
We strive to delight customers with our service and will go the extra mile to keep them happy. Apart from maintaining high standards of quality, we follow a 'No Questions Asked' returns policy.
Returns policy follows a transparent, no questions asked returns policy. You can return unused products you have ordered within 14 days of the date of receipt. Used products cannot be returned.

Delivery Time
We usually deliver in 4 to 6 working days. 

Shipping Charges
We offer free shipping on all orders. However, this offer is valid only for a limited period of time.
My Overall Shopping Experience:
Some 6-7 months when I was quite new in the makeup and fashion world and didn't know anything about online shopping much,I came across page was flashing on my Facebook page, for two weeks I simply used to visit the site and check what all brands were available.I clearly remember there were just 6-7 brands available and thus it didn't catch my attention.Once when Kimi of Beauty Diaries mentioned that she had ordered for 12 color Nyx palette from the site,I checked out the site.I was surprised to see some 30- 40 brands were updated. I couldn't resist my temptation and placed my order on 7 June 2011 and continue to place till date.

Total though its showing 30, I have shopped 22 times from them in last five months.
 Now I have stuff from several International brands like Nyx ,Organic Surge and several others.I prefer this website as they offer COD and free shipping on all orders.Its only urbantouch that offers COD option to my place at Ranchi.Not a single site except that offers COD and this is the reason why I always stick to online shopping from have shopped exactly 22 times from their site in past 5 months.Recently i had some 'Khatti Mithi ' experience with them:
1-One month back I ordered Faces Moisture Extreme Lipsticks in shade Peach blossom and First Lady.The pictures of the shade some how do not match with the real lipstick.Anyways I found the tip of peach blossom shade was bit damaged and the first lady lipstick was detached from casing.I mailed them and the next day itself they mailed me a Rs 100 coupon code.I liked their prompt action and ordered more stuff.

2-In one of my recent orders they sent me Lotus Herbals Vanilla smooth body lotion instead of Lotus Whit glow Oatmeal scrub.At first I thought the body lotion was a free gift and they had forgotten to give me the scrub.When I mailed them, they called me back and told the scrub was misplaced with lotion.They didn't ask me to return the lotion, rather they immediately dispatched a Whit glow scrub the same day.
3-Now in my last order, I received a Nyx Auto eye pencil in Electric Blue.I was kind of excited to try it as I love blue liners a lot.When I opened the cap, immediately the liner popped out and I found it was entirely broken and there was simply no way to fix it.I clicked a picture of the whole mess and sent a mail to urban few hours they mailed me back and asked if I wanted a full refund or a coupon of Rs 180 (Price of the pencil) as they didn't have the the particular shade in stock.I opted for coupon and applied that in my current order.
Just see the damaged liner

If you see carefully, below they have applied a discount coupon of Rs 180 which was the price of Nyx Auto Liner.
 4-Now in my current order I ordered Nyx Terracotta blush as it was in stock,but I received a call from them that though the option of add to cart is available at site, the blush is not in stock in real and I shall have to wait for it.Am still waiting for processing of my pending order.
In this picture, you can clearly see that Nyx Terracotta blush is available and thus I added it in my cart and placed order,but they called me up and said its out of stock
Plus Points:
-They stock wide range of skin care,hair care,make up products from several international and Indian brands.

-They offer several payment options including COD to remotest places.
 -I usually get my order within three days after ordering.

-I have requested in past to stock up products from some well known brands and they did it in a short span of time.

-Their customer service is very prompt, helpful and active. 

-They are offering surprise gift in every spend of Rs 500.

-Whenever I received damaged products from them, they offered me options of full refund or coupon worth of same price as the damaged product.
-They have recently added an option called 'Notify me'. When a product is out of stock,after clicking the option we will be notified they have it in stock and place order.

-Even after placing an order, we can call them up and cancel the entire order or ask them to remove few stuff from the order according to our convenience.

-Each and every day they add new products to existing brands and add new brands to existing list.

-Prompt response on their Facebook page.

Minus Points:
-There should be a new section such as 'Whats New' corner, because its really difficult to browse all brands everyday to check what all they have added.

-In my recent order I received 4 Surprise Gifts. Out of 5, 2 were same products worth Rs 70 each.The third one was Rs 90 each and Forth one was Rs 275.Well there is so much disparity.

-These days, I noticed several stuff that showed available at their site was not available with them and they called me up and asked me to wait.The 'Out of Stock' icon should be there for such products.
-Most of the pictures of Lipstick shades do not match with the real product.

-They work from Monday to Friday.So if you have any problems in between that you cant contact them till Monday.

 -Once a product is out of stock, you never know when it will be in stock.It may be available the next day or after a long time or may be never.

Overall my shopping experience has been very pleasant with Urban and I intend to shop more from them in near future.

Urban Touch now offers Free Shipping on all orders above Rs 300.Order worth below Rs 300 bears Rs 30 shipping charges.


  1. hya taps.... orderd quite a few stuff from them today!!! hope they reach me safe :) fingers crossed..yea many stuffs are unavailable.. i wanted to get lotus peach cream lippie and nyx cream blush in natural..thats unavailable presently :(. am looking forward to my 3 surprise gifts hope they are good.dont want same stuff twice :|.last time i ordered they gave me fabindia lemongrass spray,which did not suite my combination to dry skin :[

  2. Ya sukanya thats the tragedy with online shopping,sometimes products are out of stock,sometimes they give same gifts and all, stay assured this time they not giving anything from fab india.its either a vaadi soap or a moisturiser from vedic line!

  3. I am jealous on you now-you got such good services while my first online purchase bombed. May u have more of such happy shopping sessions dearie <3 <3 <3

  4. Thanks a lot Sweety I hope so too dear ! Anyways you dont need to shop from online sites as almost all Indian and International brands available at Kolkata, so rather I should be jealous of you na? :p

  5. Hey its really great to have this information at one place..Thank you so much for making this blog

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  7. Hey thanks a lot for visiting my blog and appreciating my work, it makes me happy and i feel encouraged to write more articles, whats your good name by the way? Am checking your site just now dear !

  8. very nicely written... have mentioned everythin in detail... i havent shopped from this site yet.

  9. Thanks a lot Rids am glad you liked it.Its a nice site, you can check it out !

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  12. will mail u the way whcih time in day u come online..we can have a chat

  13. hey Taps. only u could have written such a detailed experience on urban touch. they should really give u some privileged service now. :D on a serious note i enjoyed reading it thoroughly. Any body with any kind of doubt will get their answer here only. :)

  14. Awwwww jyoti you are really sweet to me ! i think you all write much better detailed reviews and you take great pics seriously ! I am glad this review helped you to make a decision !