Thursday, 26 April 2012

Vedic Line Neem & Brahmi Disinfecting Face Wash

Hello Friends!
Today I am going to review Vedic Line Neem & Brahmi Disinfecting Face Wash which I got during winters.Lets see how it got well with my skin type.

What the Company Says?

Disinfecting face wash for Pigmentation, Acne, Open pores & Oily skin.


Thick & lovely face wash, cleanses deep down dirt without stripping natural oil from the face. Neem & Brahmi very popular Ayurvedic herbs, Refresh skin & have deodorant anti-fungal effects. Fragrance of Tea Tree & Camphor opens up channels, relaxes mind and makes breathing comfortable.

Price:Rs 60 for 50 ml and Rs 110 for 120 ml.

My Take On This product:
I got this product during the month of January when it was chilling cold at my place.I was not sure whether to try a neem face wash during those time as neem face washes usually removes all oiliness from face leaving squeaky clean feeling and in my case makes my skin very dry.But this face wash was absolutely different.It has very soothing herbal fragrance and very runny in consistency.I needed more quantity to clean my face each time and found my skin brightened clean and yet hydrated.It feels slippery on face while cleansing though.I don't mind the slippery feeling actually.

This face cleanser comes in a flattened transparent tube.The cleanser looks lime green in bottle but is almost transparent in real. It has flip on cap that closes with a click.But however I don't feel it closes properly and thus not very travel friendly.

However when I am using it during summers, I am really disappointed with it.After a tiring day whenever I use it, it does not remove the greasiness and dirt properly.I need to use really lots of quantity still do not get that squeaky clean feeling.I cant confirm whether it prevents acne or not but I am sure oily skin beauties wont like it much.Overall its an average face wash which would suit dry skin girls more.Yes its hard to believe that a neem face wash will suit a dry skin girl but not someone with oily skin. :p

Pros Of The Product:
-Contains Brahmi and neem which are used for disinfecting or detoxifying skin.
-It has deodorant and anti fungal properties.
-It contains tea tree and camphor which opens up pores.
-Available in both 50 ml and 120 ml variants.
-Its available at reasonable price.
-Can be purchased online from several shopping sites.
-Never ever dries up my face.
-Removes dirt in a most subtle manner without affecting oil water balance.
-Soothing herbal fragrance. 

Cons Of The Product:
-Not suitable for removing oil and grime.
-Does not properly clean my face during summers.
-Does not remove makeup either.
-Cant confirm if it prevents acne or not.
-Not available at shops.
-Feels slippery during cleansing.
-Contains SLES.
-Does not foam properly despite containing SLES.
-Its not a fully herbal face wash.

Effectiveness:2.75 out of 5
Availability:3.25 out of 5
Quality vs price: 3.75 out of 5
Quantity:4 out of 5
Overall rating: 3.5 out of 5

Will I repurchase it? No, I don't think so. 

My Overall Recommendation: Its a mild neem cleanser which does not lather much.Its a good buy during winters but during summers it does not remove oil and grime properly.It contains SLES so not a herbal face wash entirely.However it never makes my skin dry or removes essential oils.Thus i think its an average face wash good for normal to dry skin people and those who do not mind slippery feeling while cleansing.

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