Friday, 2 March 2012

Vedic Line Choco Vanilla Face and Body Butter

By Bhavna Pande (Giveaway Entry) 
What The Company Says:
Vedic Line Chocolate Spa is based on Ayurvedic concept of harmony & balancing of fragrance, color & texture. This helps to relax & rejuvenate. We have chosen only worldwide accepted & known combinations of chocolate with fruits & nuts to enhance & rejuvenate skin.
Vedic Line Chocolate Cosmetics contain essential fatty acids, cocoa, vitamins, anti oxidants & minerals which help in growth & renewal of healthy cells. Fragrance of products stimulates passion & lifts up energy. 
What the package says:
Get the bath of moisture and mushy softness.

Whipped cream with mega moisturizing and calming effect. It softens and nourishes the skin giving it the blanket of satiny softness.

How to Use
Massage with gentle strokes and pressure until the cream gets absorbed in the skin.

Qty-65 ml.

Price –Rs 200 

Personal views:

Positive points-
Best body butter i have used so far.
Looks like peanut butter and smells divine.
It does moisturize the skin well and gives a soothing effect
Helps to get rid of dry skin and stays long
Love the cute brown tub .nice packing

Negative point-
The only negative point according to me is it has only 65 ml. I need more quantity. 

Rating: 4.8/5 (0.2 deducted because it has less quantity)