Thursday, 1 March 2012

My Mega Haul from Natural

Hello Sweeties!
Last month I had shared my overall shopping experience from Natural Mantra HERE I really loved handmade cosmetics without preservatives and other harmful chemicals a lot as they are reliable and safe in the long run. So recently I bought several products ranging from soaps to snacks from this site.So do check out my latest haul sweeties.

1-Soulflower Sandalwood and Geranium Shampoo Bar
2-Soulflower Hair Conditioner Bar
3-Nourish Organics Garlic Roasted Caju ( Tastes awesome :p )
4-Vegetal Hair Color- Dark Brown
5-Last Forest Beewax Lipbalm- Honey, Strawberry.
6-Litchi Honey
7-Auravedic Destressing Facial Booster (Damn good Facial Moisturiser)
8-Rustic Art Paper soap.
9-Omved Taruni Face Pack.
10-Soulflower Key Ring (Got it Free)

Lass Cosmetics Beauty Pack : (I am super impressed with the whole range both quality and quantity wise)
1-Lass Cosmetics Papaya and Walnut Scrub
2-Lass Cosmetics Glow Pack Facial Therapy
3-Lass Cosmetics Rose Water
4-Lass Cosmetics Aloe Vera Hydro gel with Gold Leaf.

Do let me know if you want to see reviews of any particular product.

Sorry for not posting since a long time.I am not well since many days.  :(