Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Bourjois Paris Extrait Intense Eye Shadow No.8

Hello Friends!
Today I am going to review Eye shadow No.8 from recently launched Bourjois Extrait Intense Eye Shadow range.

What the Company claims:  It is Made from 87% mineral pigments, precisely measured and selected, intense is highly concentrated for 2 x more coverage than a classic eyeshadow in one single application.

> Our iconic eye shadows have been women’s beauty favorite for almost 150 years.

> The formula is manufactured using Bourjois’ unique baking process for radiant color, silky textures and perfect blending.

> Intense is made up from mineral pigments.It is hypoallergenic, paraben- and fragrance-free and suitable for contact lens wearers.

> It lasts for up to 16 hours*
 * Scientifically tested on 100 panelists
Shades Available:
The essential shades, to illuminate and sculpt the eyes (01, 02, 03, 09, 10)

The dramatic shades to intensify the eyes (04, 05, 06, 07, 08)

Extrait 01- Olive green gold
Extrait 02- Beige with silver shimmer
Extrait 03- Pink Beige with silver shimmer
Extrait 04- Deep Purple
Extrait 05- Deep Green
Extrait 06- Denim Blue
Extrait 07- Khaki Brown 
Extrait 08- Brown with golden shimmer
Extrait 09-Intense Dark Brown
Extrait 10- Intense Matte black 
Price- Rs 410 for 1Gm, Rs 369 at

My Take On This Product:
This range of Intense Eye shadows have been launched very recently.I wouldn't have know anything about it, if I had not seen these beauties at Cynthia's blog first.These shadows look very cute, attractive and come with a mirror too.These are baked shadows and come in little pot like packaging with a magnetic lock which makes opening and closing of the pot very convenient.Its damn travel friendly too.Though the quantity is only 1 Gm, Its going to last me for a long time.I have used it 6-7 times and it hardly looks used.

These shadows are baked but unlike other baked eye shadows, you wont need sponge applicators to use it.The texture of the shadow is very soft and quite smooth.Just one swipe with your eye shadow brush is more than enough for your entire lid.Its the most pigmented eye shadow I have ever seen or used.I lightly swatched it on my hands and was impressed with it pigmentation.You would hardly need a second swipe when you are using this.Whenever I pick up the shadow with my eye shadow brush I have seen it sort of becomes powdery leading to wastage of product.So now I am very careful while picking it up as quantity is only 1Gm :p 
The shade number 8 is a pretty warm light brown color with very fine golden shimmer.This shadow has pearl finish and shimmers are hardly visible on my eyes, thus making it very much wearable.This shade is so unique that you can incorporate in your daily neutral eye make up, Wedding eye make up, Bridal Make up, and even while creating smokey eyes.Recently when my colleagues saw this shadow, they were more than amazed and wished to purchase this shade too. :p I felt like a personal achievement. :p

This eye shadow is one of the long staying eye shadows I have ever come across with.Without a primer it stays on my eyes for 5hours or so with minimal creasing towards the end.With a primer I saw it stayed for 8 hours with no crease and after that i had to remove my makeup of course.
So from my side product is total winner.I have purchased some Four shades from this range.
-Shade No.6
-Shade No.8
-Shade No.9
-Shade No.10

I intend to purchase shade No.1, 3, 4 and 5 too. :p
Pros Of The Product:
-Very cute, attractive and travel friendly packaging.
-It comes with a mirror too so helpful for touch ups.
-This is the most pigmented eye shadow i have ever used in my life.Only one swipe you require for whole eye lid application.
-The texture of the shadow is very soft and smooth, unlike other baked eye shadows.
-You don't need to use sponge applicator for this, your shadow brush would be enough.
-It has magnetic lock system, which is pretty convenient.
-With time, this do not harden much.
-I have used 6-7 times but it hardly looks used, it will last me for a long time indeed.
-Without a primer it stays on my eyes for 5+ hours with minimal creasing, with a primer it stayed for 8+ hours on my eyes without any creasing.
-Its a pretty warm light brown shade with very fine golden shimmer.
-This shade is a must have for we all Indians, will simply look flattering on our skin tone.
-You can not only use it for everyday look, but also for bridal, wedding makeup and Smokey eye make up look too.
-These are hypoallergenic, paraben and fragrance free.
-These are mineral enriched shadows, good for eyes.
-Its very reasonable for a mineral eye shadow.
-Some 10 different pretty shades are available in this range.
-Almost all shadows from this range except 10 have very fine shimmers, which do not show up much on eyes.
-The subtle shimmers give a warm glow.
-These can can be used both wet and dry.I didn't use it wet because i dint need to as these are already sooo pigmented when used dry.
Cons of the product:
-Only 1 gm is provided for Rs 410.
-many may find it a bit pricy for the quantity.
-While swiping over its surface, one has to be careful or there would be product wastage.
-Shade 2 and 3 are very shimmery, so may not be everyone's choice.
-No brush or sponge applicator is provided. (I don't even prefer those :p , so not a con for me)
-Available only at Style Craze currently that too only few shades. 
Rating: 4.75 out 5

Will I Repurchase it? Yes Yes Yes! Also I will purchase shade 1, 3, 4, 5 :p
My Overall Recommendation: Just grab one of these for sure. 
p.s I am not an Expert in Eye Makeup and stuff.So kindly bear with my pics and faults without being rude. :p