Thursday, 26 January 2012

Nyx Trio Eyeshadow 'Aquamarine' TS40

Hello Friends!
Today I am going to review one of the trios from the much raved about Nyx Trio Eyeshadow range.I have trios 'Guru' and 'Aquamarine' from the range.So read on to know my take on this eye makeup trio.

Price- 8$, In India its Rs 650. I got this for Rs 520 after discount.

What The Company Says?
Three’s definitely company when it comes to this trio of fashionably coordinated eye shadow shades in the NYX Trio Eye Shadow palette. Apply your statement shade on the eye lid, blend with the crease color and finish with the highlight. Includes a dual-ended sponge applicator and mirror for on-the-go touch-ups. Available in 45 eye-catching palette variations.

My Take On This Product:
Due to my sweet fellow bloggers I was kind of compelled to buy two trios 'Guru' and 'Aquamarine' from this range.Superb reviews and swatches on trio ' Copper Walnut Rust' made me really go for these two :p First I bought the trio' Guru' and totally loved it so I went for Aquamarine' thinking it will suit me as blue liners look really good on my brown hazel eyes.
First when I got this trio, I just couldn't stop staring at this trio as it looks so pretty guys.

Anyways, this trio comes in a black classy palette with three different shades of eye shadows in it.It has a see through cover and a mirror lodged in the inner side of the cover.The mirror is big enough for doing your entire makeup.It has got a sponge applicator which is of extremely good quality.It will last you for a long time.I basically use the applicator for using my Deborah baked eye shadows.It has some 3.6 gm of product which is quite good for the price.These shadows have 'Pearl like' finish.

                                              Without a primer
 I was very impressed with the trio 'Guru' but this trio is kind of different.Ok the shades are basically:
 -Bluish Highlighter.
-Turquoise Blue
-Cobalt Blue
When I got hold of this, I tried an EOTD.I was so much in a hurry that I didn't use any primer.So i found that without a primer all the shades which look so pretty and distinct in the pan actually mix up to give you similar effect specially if one has pigmented lids.These shades are not much pigmented either.These shades creased badly within 1 hour on my lids.I don't have much oily lids or dark circles.But still it happened like that.The shades don't blend nicely also.

                                          With a primer
These shades are very 'Primer Intensive'.With a good primer underneath, these shades look distinct and nice on my eyes.They stay on my eyes for 3-4 hours with a primer.Overall I found this trio would come out nicely on fair skin tone people and definitely suit people with blue eyes.I found the trio' Guru' much better than this one in terms of blending, staying power and pigmentation.

Pros Of The Product:
-This comes in a black sturdy palette form.
-It has a see through cover, so I am not confused which trio is this.
-There is a mirror lodged inside the cover.
-Sponge Applicator is of very good quality.
-Its has 3.6gm of product so good for the price.
-These shades have pearl like finish which I prefer more.
-With a primer, these shadows really come out very well on my eyes.
-All the three shades are very pretty and gorgeous.
-Highlighter looks good at inner corner of my eyes.
-45 Eye Catching trios are available.

Cons Of The Product:
-Availability is an issue.
-We have to pay almost double its real price in India.
-This particular trio doesn't have a shade which could be used in crease or outer corner.
-Almost all the colors look similar on eyelids.
-Without a primer these crease within an hour.
 -Without a primer, these do not look pigmented either.
-These do not blend nicely, I mean it ok nothing compared to what I had expected.
-Staying power with a primer is like 3-4 hours.
-These shades wont come out on pigmented lids.
-The bluish highlighter is more on bluish side so doesn't look good when used under the brow bone.
-These shades are not very wearable.I mean not suitable for day wear.
-Contains Parabens.

Rating: 3 out of 5 (Only for this trio)
Will I repurchase it? I will definitely purchase but other trios from this range, not this one.

My Overall Recommendation: If you do not have pigmented lids and love blue eye shadows then you can go for this one provided you have a good quality eye shadow base.