Monday, 16 January 2012

L'oreal Paris Khol Mineral Powder Liner 'Precious Black'

Hello Friends!
Today I am going to review L'Oreal Paris Mineral Khol powder liner in 'Precious Black'. So did it woo me completely? Read my review to know more about it.

What The Company Says?
Whether you're going for dramatic smokey eyes, or a softer romantic 'barely-there' look, Mineral Kohl makes achieving perfect eyeliner easy. The gentle formula is enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe making it suitable for the delicate eye area. Use the precision brush to apply a simple line on the upper lash line or to create a smokey eye effect. 
-Mineral Kohl makes achieving perfect eyeliner easy
-Gentle mineral eyeliner is 95% from minerals
-Perfume, preservative and talc free
-Gentle formula is enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe
-Suitable for the delicate eye area
Rs- 515, I got this for Rs 479 after discount.
Shades Available: 
1-Precious Black
2-Stellar Grey
3-Meteorite Blue.

My Take On This Product:
This particular khol I purchased from an online shopping site after going through Jyoti's review HERE. 
This Khol was launched as a part of Ayesha's collection by Sonam Kapoor. It has been used in creating the Aishwarya's well known winged liner too in Dubai Fashion show.
The particular thing that drew my attention was, it contains 95% mineral pigments, Aloe Vera extracts, Vitamin E with no harsh preservatives.

This comes in a small tub with a screw cap and a perforated lid.An angled brush is attached to the screw cap which can be used to draw flawless winged liner in an instant.There is a circular sponge protector over the perforated lid which should be placed again after use to prevent spillage.

One has to tap the base once for pouring out of required amount of powder khol on the lid.Do not tap more than once or it may lead to wastage of product.Dip the brush in it and use it.
The angled brush is of very good quality and helps me to draw precise lines on my lower lashline which I then extend a bit long creating a wing.All my friends say it suits me that way a lot.Seriously its damn easy to line my eyes using the powder khol with the angled brush, though it was my first time but I dint experience any hassle using it.This powder liner can be used on waterline too, I saw the powder glides nicely on my waterline and stays there for a long time too.I didnt experience any kind of itching or irritation.
The shade 'Precious Black' is a greyish black eye khol with some visible sparkle.The sparkles are very subtle and do not show up much on eyes.This liner can be used both during night and daytime.Swipe once for create soft eye makeup look.I swipe twice for intensifying the liner on my eyes.I like to build up its intensity by swiping more times for an evening out.
When I pick up lots of khol with the brush, there is a bit of fall out.Otherwise with one swipe I never noticed any kind of fall out or so.It stays on for 4-5 hours on my eyes with even fading resulting in no raccoon eyes.However, if you swipe more times for intense look, after 4 hours or so a bit of khol deposits in the fine lines under the eyes.But Its entirely ok with me.I really love this stuff and I will buy another shade  'Meteorite Blue' in this range for sure.
Pros Of The Product:
-Very unique concept of using mineral khol in powder form.
-The packaging looks really impressive.
-It contains aloe vera, vitamin E. Its suitable for sensitive eyes too.
-It can be used to line both upper and lower lash line. I used it on my waterline and there was irritation at all.
-It stayed on my waterline for a 3-4 hours.
-Its staying power is 4-5 hours with even fading.
-It can be used to lightly to create soft eye make up.
-It is buildable and can be used to create intense eye makeup with two swipes.
-It can be used as an eye shadow to create smokey eyes too.
-It has very subtle sparkles which doesn't show up on eyes.Can be used both during night and day wear.
-Contains 95% of mineral pigments.
-It will last me for a long time because you need just a bit.
-Three shades are available- Precious Black, Stellar Grey, Meteorite Blue.
-The quality of angles brush is damn good, one can draw winged liner in a jiffy.
-If you find your kajal getting smudged easily then simply dab this after lining your eyes with kajal.It will help your kajal survive for a long time without giving you raccoon eyes.
Cons Of The Product:
-The plastic tub is very brittle.When I received it from an online shopping site, I found the tub had developed cracks spilling lots of product.
-Its pretty costly so may not fit everybody's budget.
-Everyone maynot prefer powder liner for lining their eyes.
-Many are not accustomed with the angled brush so may not like it.
-There is a bit of fall out after few hours of use.
-All shades are not available at shops.

My Rating: 4 out of 5
Will I repurchase it? Yes definitely in shade 'Meteorite Blue'.
My Overall Recommendation: If this product fits your budget and you are accustomed with lining your eyes with an angled brush then do go for it.