Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Vedic Line Papaya Gel

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Today I am going to review Vedic Line Papaya Gel that I bought from an Online shopping site two weeks back.
What the Company Says?
Make your skin more radiant.
The main ingredient papaya, maintains the skin’s pH balance without either leaving the look of flakiness or causing dryness. It increases micro circulation of blood in the skin and thus brings glow on skin.

How to Use
Lightly massage on cleansed skin.

Price: Rs 175 for 100 ml

Ingredients: Aqua, Glycerine, Proplene glycol, IPM, Carbapol 940, Dimethicone, Papaya extract, Imid Urea, Aloe Vera extract, TEA, Hydroxyl ethoxy cellulose gum, Sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, Allantoin, White fruit ext., Color CI 15985.

My Take on Vedic Line Papaya Gel:
I wanted to try something from Vedic Line from quite some time.My quest for an anti blemish skin care product has not yet finished,so I thought why not to try their Papaya gel this winter.It contains both aloe vera and papaya extracts which are well known in lightening blemishes and resulting in soft,supple and clear skin.
This gel  comes in a tub like packaging with a upper screw cap and inner flap cover.The moment you open the flap lid you get an outburst of rich fragrance of fresh mangoes and papaya, so yummy.The gel is quite thick and takes some time to get absorbed into the skin.Its more of a massage gel I feel.After massaging with this gel, my skin feels quite relaxed and I find temporary reduction of pores too.
After some time my skin feels velvety soft and so smooth that I feel like touching my skin every now and then.It leaves my skin well moisturized and leaves a long lasting glow.I have noticed after using the gel whenever I use my foundation, it glides seamlessly on my skin without getting streaky and stays for a long time too.So this gel also serves the purpose of a primer.
Due to regular massage with this gel, I can see reduction in appearance of pores and well toned skin.Facial massage also ensures enough blood circulation to our facial tissues resulting in firm and blemish free skin and thus less chance of break out too.My skin appears more clear now but the winter season is another reason too behind it.Overall I liked this product and would love to try other products from this brand again.

Pros of Vedic Line Papaya Gel:
-It has yummy fragrance of fresh mangoes and papaya.
-Its a thick clear gel which is non sticky.
-Its more of a massage gel, massaging with it gives very soft and velvety smooth skin.
-My skin has firmed up a lot.
-I can see temporary reduction of pores whenever I use it.
-It contains papaya and aloe vera extracts which are well known anti blemish ingredients.
-My skin looks more clear with a healthy glow.
-Quantity is good enough for the price.
-Contains several natural ingredients well known for its role in depigmentation .
-Serves the purpose of a primer too.
-Its paraben free too.
Cons of Vedic Line Papaya Gel:
-Contains dimethicone so those who are allergic to silicone conditioners shouldn't use it.
-It takes some time to gel absorbed into the skin due to presence of Cellulose gum.
-Doesn't result in sudden change of complexion to fair skin tone.
-You need some time to fully realize its action.
-Reduction in pore size is temporary.
-Its availability and lack of customer reviews are major issue,didn't find a single review of a any product from this brand.
Rating: 3.75 out of 5
Will I repurchase it? Yes I think so.
Overall Recommendation: I will recommend this product mostly to oily and combination skin people, they would love it.Everyone can also use it like a natural face primer also.



  1. hey...good review taps! i am using the neem and bramhi astringent from Vedic line range....its good. wl giv dis 1 a try :)

  2. Really ? Thats good ! Do try this one! Are you using anythingelse from this brand? if yes, wat are your recommendations?

  3. sounds quite good..i want to try their neem face wash..nice review.. :)
    btw, nice blog. keep going. :))

  4. @Kuheli Thanks a lot honey! welcome to my blog and you made me really happy ! :) Their products are paraben free and quite good, do try their neem range and share reviews!

  5. nvr tried anything from this brans.Need to chk them out now.This seems like a nice product. :)

  6. Wow.. Sounds good taps.. I've been waiting for VedicLine reviews. Will surely pick this up. :)

  7. @Jyoti, i found it very good, i want to try many other products from this range too

  8. @purple spirit Thanks a lot dear, am glad its of some help to you

  9. @ Bidisha thanks a lot sweety!