Monday, 28 November 2011

Lakme Rose Powder

Hello Friends!
Today I am going to review Lakme rose powder which I have been using for almost 5-6 years for setting my foundation.Except Lakme I haven't yet got to see any loose powder at such inexpensive price for such huge quantity.

What the Company Says?
Lakme Rose Power is a foundation make-up in a powder format that gives a flawless radiant look. It contains rose fragrance to keep you fresh and contains sunscreen to protect from harmful UV rays. It gives a flawless radiant look.

Price- Rs 99, I got this for 85.

Ingredients: Talc, Zinc Sterate, Cyclopentasiloxane, Titanium Dioxide, Aluminium hydroxide, Steric Acid, Perfume, Rosa Damascena Extract; may contain CI 77491, CI77492, CI77499, CI12085, CI77891; Phenoxy Ethanol, Butyl Paraben, Ethyl Paraben, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben

My Take on this Product:

I kind of prefer loose powder over compact for more natural 
and soft look.I have been using this loose powder since a long time and still do after applying my foundation or sunscreen.It comes in a huge tub like packaging with an upper brown lid and inner lid with holes and a sticker attached to it.I don't peel off the sticker because many times lots of quantity comes out and the moment you open the brown lid, there is mess all around.It comes with a soft puff which I don't use.I apply the loose powder with my kabuki brush for a more refined and flawless look.I have minor blemishes, so this powder hides those and gives light coverage too.It instantly brightens up my complexion and makes me look awake and fresh.I have always used the shade warm pink but recently I bought the shade soft pink and liked it more.Soft pink shade is meant for fair skin, I have wheatish skin but I liked it a lot as it gave me light coverage with a bit of peachiness to my skin.It looks lovely and soaks up extra oil leaving luminous ,soft skin.It strongly smells of rose petals, which I like.The quantity provided is pretty huge and will last me a whole year.So I do not have to spend a lot on my loose powder a lot and am happy using it.
Before Applying
After Applying
Pros of Lakme Rose Powder:
-Very soft textured loose powder which soaks up excess oil giving near matte finish.
-Blends really oil without getting cakey.
-Imparts sheer coverage hiding minor blemishes.
-Contains sunscreen.
-It smells of rose petals.
-Very reasonable price.
-Quantity is lot and will last a whole year with regular use.
-Available at almost all cosmetic shops.
-Two variants are available-
.Warm Pink-For Dusky to wheatish skin tone.
.Soft Pink-For fair skin tone.
-Soft pink doesn't look ott on wheatish skin.
-Its not a shimmery loose powder thus ideal for day wear.

Cons of Lakme Rose Powder:
-Contains lots of parabens.
-Instead of soft puff, I would prefer a make up sponge.
-After peeling off the sticker, every time you open the screwed cap, you would end up getting messy with loose powder spilling here and there.
-How much SPF it contains is no where mentioned.
-It imparts very light coverage.
-It expires within two years.
-I don't prefer any kind of fragrance in my cosmetics.
-Price has increased from Rs 55 to Rs 99.
-Only two shades are available, so dark skin people may find it a bit ashy on their face.

Rating:3.5 out of 5

Will I repurchase it? No, This time I intend to buy Bourjois Paris Mineral Enriched Loose Powder.

Overall Recommendation: If you are in need of an inexpensive loose powder for setting your foundation, then definitely go for this.


  1. Oh I just remember I have this lying around, I bought it and somehow never even used it coz the shade looks off on me, guess I'll dig it out now

  2. Mine was also lying since one month, now again will use, I forget this in winter as i already have dry skin and i donot prefer to use loose powder or compact, as they over dry my skin.:)

  3. some how i am not a fan of compacts and loose powder. For me the foundation is enough.

  4. I actually liked this powder for sometime-but once I overused-and my pics became comic strips-WHITE!!!! So after that I avoid this-mom uses it though-and she loves it!!!

  5. i hv this :D bt i like the compact version better.somehow this looks a bit ashy on me bt compact matches my complexion to the T. :) Nice review Taps

  6. I have never tried this till now,,but what ur sayin is making up my mind to buy it :)

    Thanks :)

  7. Inviting you to my fun fashion giveaway

  8. @Bharti ohh all right, sometimes i feel lazy to use compact n loose powder ! :D

  9. @Anuradha yess re if one uses a lot, it looks very ashy or white, but thank god did suit my skin tone!

  10. @jyoti, mine is other way round, i donot know but compact looks very ott on me n loose powder completely looks natural on my skin

  11. @Namita, its reasonable so you may try it to see if it suits you, it wont hurt much if it doesnt!

  12. @Anu ya checking it out now! thnx