Friday, 25 November 2011

Nature's Essence Aloe Vera Gel

Hello Friends!
Today I am reviewing Aloe Vera gel from the brand Nature's Essence which is well renowned for its Facial kits and face packs.So did this product woo me entirely? Read on to know more.
What the Company Says?
Aloe Vera is a world renowned plant for its cosmetic and medicinal miracle properties. Nature’s Essence Aloe Vera uses the goodness of this miracle plant from its natural source along wit modern manufacturing processes to offer you a treatment moisturizing gel ideal for softening the skin, protecting it from sun damage and acting as a guard and immunizing agent against skin ailments like dry skin, acne and itchy skin conditions. The gel is an ideal solution for gifting you soft, glowing and pampered skin.

Usage :
Apply the gel after cleansing your face and massage the gel softly into the skin for softening and protecting it against environmental pollutants. Ideal to be used everyday.
For best result use twice a day :

Ingredients: Aloe Vera extract and Peppermint oil, Mineralised water

Price- Rs 65 for 100 gms. 

My Take on Nature's Essence Aloe Vera Gel:
This gel comes in a transparent tub packaging with an aluminum cover sealing it.Removing the aluminum cover is a headache for me, as much of the gel gets transferred to the cover while peeling it off.Anyways coming to the product, its a Light green colored gel (looks green in tub but transparent in real) with a weird strong fragrance that almost suffocates me,fragrance is some how similar to men's shaving products.I had first used it some 5 years back when I was a bachelor student and got smitten by its look.When I used then, it broke me out horribly many times for which I shunned the tub somewhere in my shelf and never used it, after 3 months I remember the gel had almost dried up and couldn't be used anymore.Recently when I found my HG aloe vera gel from Patanjali out of stock at Patanjali outlet, I was left with no option and with lots of apprehension picked this up again.The price has increased from Rs 55 to 65 only.
When I used it this time, I found the fragrance was the same weird one that used to be there.This gel however feels really cool on skin and gets absorbed within seconds leaving matte soft skin.It used to be a bit sticky,now its much better I would say.This time when I had some rashes on my skin, this gel helped a lot in soothing and reviving my skin to normal form.Its working nicely as a conditioner too.So I think this gel contains something that is not suitable for teenagers and sensitive skin.I would partially recommend you this product, only in case you cant buy Patanjali aloe vera gel or prepare at home.

 Pros of Aloe Vera Gel:
-It contains peppermint oil.
-It has cooling and soothing effect on skin.
-Helped in soothing rashes.
-Gets absorbed easily in seconds leaving soft matte skin.
-Very reasonable price.
-Works as a conditioner too.
-Will last me for a long time.
-Can be used after waxing for soothing and calming effect.
-Not very sticky in nature.
-Suitable for summers.

Cons of Aloe Vera Gel:
-It had resulted in severe break outs on my skin when I had used it some 5 years back as a teenager.
-It has got suffocating weird fragrance. :(
-Its packaging is damn unhygienic.
-Not suitable for teenagers and sensitive skin.
-Didn't do anything on my skin except the cooling sensation i got while applying.
-Dries up into a sticky mass if you leave it unused for few months.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Will I repurchase it? Nooo , I am still finding ways how to finish the existing one, forget about new.

My overall Recommendation: If you urgently need an Aloe Vera gel and not able to purchase the Patanjali aloe vera gel, then you may use it.But I cant fully recommend you this product.


  1. nice detailed review...bad tht it makes skin worse thn soothing them..'
    my al tym fav s brihans green leaf aloe vera gel!!

  2. @Sunaa, thnx dear, yes it was a dud, where can I find the brihans aloe vera gel? never seen it here!

  3. nice review ... aloe vera gel certainly helps in soothing irritated skin

  4. @rids thnx dear ! ya it did this time but not that good!

  5. i hve used this back in my graduation days....i dint like it much because of the stickiness.u r right that it does nt do anything for the skin per se. nice review Taps. :)

  6. I use Banjara's or Green leaf Aloe Vera gel & both works fine for me. But usually I stick to Banjaras

  7. @Jyoti, ya I didnt like it much, patanjali one is my all time fav!

  8. @Shri, I heard the banjara products n specially their aloe gel is very good, where to get it?

  9. They are easily available in H & g or supermarkets here. Check their site or H&G :)

  10. sry fr late reply...i used to get it from my nearby nilgris store...