Thursday, 24 November 2011

Avon Simply Pretty Mini Mascara-Blue and EOTD

Hello Friends!
Today I am reviewing a cute little wonder product from Avon, its their Simply Pretty Mini Mascara Blue :)

Price: Rs 199 for 3.5 gm, Rs 139 on offer.

Ingredients: Not Mentioned anywhere.

Its Waterproof!

My Take on Avon Simply Pretty Mini Mascara:
I wanted to try a blue mascara from quit some time as I have seen several bloggers wearing blue mascara, which is quite a bold statement in itself.It suits many people, I like blue liners on my brown hazel eyes so I thought to check out if blue mascara suits me or not.

So when I saw this available on offer in Avon Catalogue for the month of June, I placed my order immediately.It
has mainly two shades:

I have the blue shade which is a vibrant bold sky blue color. :x

Lined my eyes with Faces Pencil Eyeliner 'Navy Blue' and used Avon mascara

Lined my upper lashline with Maybelline collossal kajal as I didnt get my black liner anywhere. :p

Applied mascara on bare eyes!

Look at the size!

Could be removed only with my HG make up remover Lotus Lemonpure.

As this is my first blue mascara, I am quite satisfied with it for the reasonable price I bought it for.Its comes in a small tube packaging, with greyish black cover mentioning Avon Simply Pretty.Shade name is mentioned below the tube.When I used it, I found one- two coats does not give any visible result.I had to apply some 4-5 coats for visible result.The wand is a big one and does not impart any kind of dramatic lengthening or volomising effect.Remember the Street Wear mascara wand??? Its similar to that.The mascara is creamy and texture is thick which dries up in a second.Its waterproof and I found a bit difficult to remove it with my make up remover.It suits my brown eyes a lot but I kind of feel it makes my lashes very stiff,so am not comfortable wearing it for a long time.The quantity provided is very less but will last for long time as I don't wear it much.For dramatic effect, apply one coat of your favorite mascara and then apply it just at the tips of your eye lashes, it looks awesome that way.I think you wont regret buying it for the first time at such affordable price.

Pros of Avon Simply Pretty Mini Mascara- Blue:
>Nice attractive vibrant sky blue color. <3
>This shade adds the extra oomph to my overall look. :x
>It suits brown eyes a lot.
>It never clumps my lashes.
>Very reasonable price when available on offer.
>Cute small tube, will fit my purse easily.
>Its a waterproof mascara.
>Lasts all day long till I do not remove it with a make up remover.
>There is another shade- Aqua green. :)

Cons of Avon Simply Pretty Mini Mascara- Blue:
>Quantity is very less- only 3.5 gm.
>No lengthening or volumsing effect on lashes.
>4-5 coat required for some visible result. :(
>Without offer its bit costly I think.
>No list of ingredients mentioned.
>Packaging is damn boring and tube is so small.
>My lashes feel quite stiff after applying it. :(
>Available through Avon representative.
>Mascara wand does nothing.
>The mascara dries really very fast.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 

Will I repurchase it? No, I may  buy one from Nyx.

Overall Recommendation: Buy it when you get this on offer.Its a nice buy if you want to try a blue mascara for first time.Apply your favorite mascara on your lashes and apply the blue mascara just on the tips of your lashes, the effect I get is superb and yes very gorgeous.


  1. Wow ... It's too bold for me to carry ... Ll never hv d confidence to carry it off

  2. OMG-this imparts a lot of color to lashes-for night parties-this is goinna be a show stopper!!

  3. @rids i never had the confidence you know but after purchasing, now i really like it,you may try once! :)

  4. @Anuradha yesss this one is a good one, i wont say the best but still pretty and reasonable and suitable 4 parties!

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  6. wow nice review..cute small packaging
    but somehow i only prefer basic black mascaras taps :)
    do chk out my review of nivea lipbalm in soft rose:)

  7. Thanks a lot Bidisha, but I think you can very well carry this mascara! It will suit you with your smokey eyes eotds, i hope!