Sunday, 27 November 2011

My Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil Recipe !

Hello Friends!
During winter my scalp really becomes flaky and just oiling with coconut oil doesn't eliminate the dandruff properly.By next day again I feel my scalp has become flaky,so this time I would love to share my recipe for Anti- Dandruff hair oil that along with Fenugreek hair pack eliminates dandruff and keeps scalp free of  flakiness for long time.

So for this you 

-200 ml of Coconut oil.
-5ml of Rosemary oil
-5 ml of Tea tree oil (Don't add if you have dry hair)
-2 ml of Lemon Oil.
-5 ml of Aroma Magic Anti Dandruff Flaky Oil.

Mix all the essential oils in the coconut oil and your anti dandruff hair oil is simply ready to use.I normally use Patanjali coconut oil and Aroma magic essential oils to make it.Apply this oil on your scalp half an hour prior to hair wash.


  1. Hi dear, can suggest me a prize I should giveaway for the upcoming contest? see the shortlisted things here
    Would love for you to participate, it'll be fun little fashion contest.

  2. @Anu I would love to receive the clinique lucky pouch if I would participate n win the giveaway!

  3. wowie...another DIY likey saare oils i dnt hv with me now.'ll definitely get thm too having the same dandruff problem now a days.:(

  4. @jyoti, if you dont get all oils, then simply buy coconut oil and add aroma magic anti dandruff flakey oil thats it, just pour a bit of that in a small bowl and add 1 tbsp of lemon juice and massage your scalp with that, done !

  5. vry nice & useful post dear!!!!

  6. winters and flaky scalp is my problem too :( i will try the shorter version..coconut oil + am anti dandruff oil :)
    a renowned ayurvedic doc once suggested me to use methi+amla powder (soaked overnight) once weekly
    i have everything but time :(

  7. @Shaili welcome to my blog honey! How are you???? Donot see you thse days! Yes you can also follow the shorter version :p methi is damn helpful, never seen anything as effective as tht!

  8. @Manya
    i am super awesome dear..thanks :)
    y'day spent quite a time on your blog :)
    keep up the good work and i'd look forward to more reviews and useful tips :)

  9. Thanks a lot Shaili, I am so happy you loved reading my blog! i will write more! all your sweet comments makes my day better! :-* :x