Sunday, 27 November 2011

LipIce Lip Balm- Orange

Hello Friends!
I use lip balms all year round but during winters its a must have product for me!I can skip my make up products but not a lip balm for sure.I stock up at least 5-6 lip balms for every winter. :D Today I am reviewing the much raved about lip balm from Japan- Lip ice.Am I entirely impressed with it?? Do read on to know my experience.
What The Company Says?
>Lanolin and Mineral oil that prevent lips from dryness and chapping by providing ample moisturization
>SPF 15 that protects the lips against UV rays
>Menthol and Camphor that give a cool and refreshing effect to the lips
>Fortified with Orange flavor
 Price: Rs 120, I got this for Rs 105 after discount.
 Ingredients: Mineral oil, Ozokerite, Petrolatum, Octyl Mathoxycinnamate, Octyl Salicylate, Lanolin, Flavor, Dimethicone, Menthol, Camphor.

Other Variants:
I have Orange and Lemon.
My Take on LipIce Orange Lip Balm:
After going through several positive reviews on net regarding LipIce Lip balm, I ordered these from an online shopping at great discount.I always have had attraction towards citrusy products ranging from deodorants, lotion, creams etc and thus stock up such products.I bought the Lemon and Orange variant of this range.This lip balm comes in white twist up tube packaging which I prefer a lot than tub packaging.These are clear balms with pure refreshing citrusy fragrance with a hint of camphor.
These are not buttery soft but makes my lips soft and relieves chapped lips.The best part is the cooling sensation on my lips after applying it which lasts for 10-20 minutes.These however do not treat fine lines like my Neutregena lip Balm, and very less product is transferred with each application.I am not very satisfied with the moisturizing effect either.Lotus Herbal and Neutregena lip balm score much high in moisturizing aspect.
I have used VLCC mint Lip balm which comes in tub packaging containing 10 gm of product and imparts similar cooling effect on my lips like LipIce at a much reasonable rate.So am not much wooed by this product.I will recommend you to use this balm during Summers for cooling and soothing effect, but this not my HG winter balm as I need to treat the fine lines and severely chapped lips where these LipIce balm fail.

Pros of LipIce Lip Balm:
-Several variants are available -Strawberry, Blueberry, Apple, Lemon, Orange.
-Contains Mentholatum and thus imparts nice cooling and soothing sensation to my lips.
-These Lip balm have nice citrusy fragrance with a hint of camphor.
-They come twist up tube packaging and thus are hygienic and travel friendly.
-Makes my lips soft and prevents chapped lips.
-Packaging is quite cute.
-Their website is so funky and has lots of information regarding Lip care and Its product range.
-Contains SPF 15.
Cons of LipIce Lip Balm:
-Its availability is an issue,you wont find in all stationary and cosmetic stores.
-Its bit pricy for the quantity we are getting.
-Its not a very moisturizing Lip balm.
-Not for treating fine lines or severely chapped lips.
-Very less amount gets transferred with each application, so I have to apply it many times.
-These contain mineral oil and dimethicone, so people who are allergic to these ingredients shouldn't  use it.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Will I repurchase it? No, I already have two and as it doesn't cater to my moisturizing needs, I wont buy it and as far as cooling  effect is concerned I have my reasonable VLCC Mint Lip balm for it.

My Overall Recommendation: Go for these Lip balms during summers for cooling and soothing sensation.Apart from cooling sensation, its not going to help much during winter.


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  2. i hv this in sheer color strawberry n love the tint it gives to my lips. When dry i just use some balm over it and it & the lips look naturally pink :D

  3. somehow am loving this product!!i have the lemon one it wrks okayish for me.. but u r right the moisturising effect is aint that great.himalaya lip butter serves well :)

  4. @Jyoti, i dont have tht one dear, heard a lot but i may try the maybeliine color bloom thats similar and 99, so cheaper too

  5. @sukanya ya its good but not moisturising for this winter! i may use it during summer