Friday, 28 October 2011

Lotus White Glow Gel Creme vs Lotus White Glow Micro-Emulsion

Hello Friends!
I have used the entire range of Whiteglow from Lotus Herbals and felt the need to compare two of its products for everyone’s benefit.


What the Company Says:
Enriched with Grape, Mulberry, Saxifraga extracts and Milk enzymes that are known fairness agents A revolutionary formula that blends the benefits of a gel and a crème It also contains sunscreens to protect the skin from harmful UVA&UVB rays that can darken the skin

This is available in 50 ml jar and 15 ml tube.Price- Rs 295 for 50 ml, Rs 99 for 15 ml.

After rubbing 3 times

So once you rub it, some of the gel crème gets absorbed and some donot forming a powdery residues almost like when you rub off a ubtan or a mask.

My take on Lotus White glow Gel Crème:
Lotus Herbals suggests Lotus White glow gel crème to all people with dry skin who are in need of long lasting moisture. I have used one complete jar of it and I felt that this gel crème is not up to the mark for we all dry skin people. When I used it first, my face felt very smooth and soft, I felt brightening effect too. But the whitening effect was so pronounced that I almost looked like a ghost whenever I used it.Whenever I take little amount of gel crème, then it gets absorbed easily but I don’t feel the optimum moisture that my skin actually requires. But after taking more quantity, I saw the gel crème doesn’t get absorbed entirely and leaves powdery and sticky tit bits residues which we get when we rub off a mask or an ubtan. Check the picture above. The horrible part is whenever I hold my cell phone, the screen is entirely covered with a white layer. The brightening effect is temporary. Another thing I want to point out that if you leave it unused say for 1 month or so you will see the entire gel crème has sort of separated into water and a mass of crème and fragrance has changed a lot. When I used it I felt it had turned very runny and I didn’t feel any moisturizing or brightening effect. Yes the white cast is always there. I really object to the fact that Lotus herbals claim 3 years shelf life for this product when just within 2 months I felt its quality really getting degraded.

My Recommendation:
I don’t suggest this product to anyone for the high price Lotus Herbals charging for it. They also escalated its price from Rs 245 to Rs 295 within few months.
Rating: 3 out of 5


What the Company Says:
WHITEGLOW Skin whitening & brightening Microemulsion is a breakthrough from Lotus Herbals that lightens, whitens and brightens your skin.
Micro-emulsion is a revolutionary formulation that blends the hydrating properties of water and nourishing goodness of oil in a manner that the resultant formulation has very fine particle size.
This has several advantages:
.2-6 times deeper & faster penetration.
.Quicker delivery of ingredients.
.Nourishes and hydrates.
.Leaves no residues.

Price: Rs 245 for 40 ml

Just look how fast it penetrates into skin leaving any kind of residues.

My Take on Lotus White Glow Micro- Emulsion

This product is formulated mainly for oily skin people. I have finished 4 bottles of microemulsion already and am not at all bored with it. I am in love with this product and had an amazing experience using it. It penetrates into my skin fast enough leaving a natural glow. It doesn’t leave any kind of residues or white cast like the gel crème. Its a must have moisturizer for normal to dry skin people in all seasons. In winter, we all dry skin people need an extra moisturizer but that’s totally all right. It doesn’t leave any kind of greasiness on my skin rather makes my skin very soft and velvety smooth. With time, I have also noticed lightening of many of the dark spots on my facial skin. This product also minimizes the appearance of pores with continued usage which I have experienced myself. These days many of my friends ask about my skin care regime as my skin has actually changed to the better side. It immediately relieves tired looking skin and imparts a youthful appearance. This product is the best among all the drugstore products available in the market which caters to every skin needs.

My Recommendation:
I will definitely suggest this product to everyone. Its formulation is best among all the products available. This product is a must try among the entire white glow range.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5. 0.5 off for containing parabens and Dimethicone derivatives.

Overall Verdict:
Do try Lotus White glow Micro- emulsion for sure.The gel creme can be easily skipped.


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  3. Great review Taps-but I had bad experience withthe micro emulsion too :( :( It broke me out :(

  4. Ohhh thts really bad to hear !!It contains silicone derivatives , may be that didn't suit you !!

  5. I want to try the micro emulsion..would do some time..after I finish few of my existing :/
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  6. Thnxx a lot Bhumika !!! Yaa try the micro emulsion once, hope u like it !

  7. hey taps. nice review. Somehow i still hvnt tried anything from the white glow range. will give this a try now. :)

  8. Nice review Taps! I am on my second bottle of the emulsion now and I love it though i have to stop using it every now n then when my skin gets too oily but since winters are approaching now , I'm gonna start using it again!

    Congratulations on the new blog! Looking forward to reading ur reviews!

  9. @ jyoti, thnx a lot dear,do try the micro emulsion.

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