Thursday, 27 October 2011

Avon Naturals Green Tea Lip Balm


Hello Friends!
This is my first review for my blog and am really happy writing it. I hope to contribute more and more.
What the Company Says:
Avon natural lip balms are light-weight & easy to apply, glide on smoothly. Moisturizing formula protects lips from dryness, has glossy shine & sheer color. Use on top of lipstick or by itself.
Rs.89 for 4gms but I bought this on offer. I had to pay some Rs 99 for two lip balms.


My Take on Avon Naturals Green Tea Lip Balm:
I bought four different variant from this range- Aloe, Green Tea, Lemon, Peach. I wanted to try strawberry and Cherry but both were out of stock. I am reviewing only the green tea one as others haven’t used till now. During Winter I get severely chapped lips with pronounced fine lines. But after using Avon Green Tea lip balm I can say Good bye to chapped lips forever. J
Till date I have used several lip balms like VLCC, Lotus Herbals, Neutregena, Vaadi and Lipice. I find Avon lip balm really conditioning and more of a Lip treatment balm which not only relieves my chapped lips but also with my fine lines. I also loved Neutregena lip moisturizer a lot. But if we see Avon one is much cheaper than Neutregena. During cold winter, Avon lip balm remains as smooth as butter but yes in a stick form which I find very convenient taking while am travelling. It has faint fragrance of melon mixed with cucumber which I like a lot, very refreshing fragrance it has. So among all lip balms I have used till date, Avon lip balm is the clear winner for me.

-Very reasonable price.
-Many variants are available like- Strawberry, Cherry, Lemon, Green tea, Aloe, Peach, Almond & Milk.
-When on offer, you get each of these for almost Rs 45.
-It relieves chapped lips.
-It also helped me a lot in removal of those disgusting fine lines.
-It has got a very refreshing fragrance.
-Its as smooth as butter on lips.
-Its available in stick form which I prefer a lot.
-Its quite travel friendly.
-I didn’t face any problem while twisting it up and down now and then to check how much product is left. This problem I faced while checking both Neutregena and Lotus Lip balm, Both of them broke from middle. L

-Every month its not available on offer.
-Many of the variants are out of stock.
-Available only through Avon representative.
-List of ingredients not mentioned.
-If the lip balm gets into your mouth, it tastes so synthetic kind, so bad. Yuck!
Rating: 4.25 out of 5
Will I repurchase: Yes I will definitely buy some more.


  1. Gr8 Review Taps- analyzed and in detail :) :) I will surely order this lip balm when they come on offers :) :) :)

  2. Thanks a lot Anu!! Its really a good one !