Tuesday, 26 June 2012

My Inglot Brown Eye Shadows Collection!

Hello Friends!
I like doing subtle natural everyday eye makeup.I love all kinds of browns and I have got some 11 brown Inglot eyeshadow refills.Inglot freedom system eyeshadow refills are very reasonable with great pigmentation and staying power.If you guys love eye shadows but don't want to splurge on Mac or any other high-end brand then surely try Inglot eye shadow refills.Do check out the swatches of Brown Inglot eye shadows which I have with me.

Inglot Pearl Eye Shadow 409:

Inglot Pearl Eye Shadow 421

Inglot Pearl Eye Shadow 422

Inglot Pearl Eye Shadow 423

Inglot DS Eye Shadow 457

Inglot AMC Shine Eye Shadow 12

Inglot AMC Shine Eye Shadow 21

Inglot AMC Shine Eye Shadow 42

Inglot AMC Eye Shadow 52

Inglot AMC Eye Shadow 54

Inglot AMC Eye Shadow 55