Thursday, 31 May 2012

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Daily Multifunction Sunblock SPF 70 PA+++

Hello Friends!
Today I am going to review 'Lotus Safe Sun Daily Multifunction Sunblock SPF 70 PA+++. I could be the last one in the entire blogosphere reviewing it but I really needed time to test its efficacy.So now am ready for doing a proper review of the product.
What The Company Says?
INDIA’S 1st REVOLUTIONARY SUNBLOCK WITH 10 BENEFITS: A revolutionary, preservative - free, light weight formulation containing potent herbal extracts with multiple benefits.
10 Benefits
*High UVA & UVB Protection
*Tan Prevention
*Prevention of brown spots & pigmentation
*Skin Lightening benefits
*Anti-wrinkle benefits
*Protection from freckles, sun spots & sun burn
*Anti-ageing properties
*Health prevention - helps prevent skin cancer
*Carrot & Avocado Extracts: healing properties that soften, smoothen and nourish skin
*Preservative free safe formula
Safe Sun Daily Multi – Function Sunblock is free from harmful preservatives like parabens, which may cause health problems like breast cancer .

Directions for use: Apply Safe Sun Daily Multi-Function Sunblock liberally & evenly on face & exposed parts (body, neck, arms, legs etc.) before exposure to sun. 

Active Ingredients: Avocado & Carrot extracts have healing properties that soften, smoothen & nourish skin. The easy to blend texture gives non sticky & clean feel.

Price: Rs 495 for 60 Grams

My Take On This Product:
Its been more than a month since I am using this product for daily use. The packaging is almost similar to their SPF 40 3 in 1 matte sunblock which I have been using regularly since one year.When it comes to sunscreens and sunblocks I totally trust Lotus herbals range of products.I have used their spf 40 matte 3 in 1 sunblock and spf 50 sunblock spray,both are bit different yet liked both of them.I love using the SPF 40 one during summers and other seasons except winters.During winters I use SPF 50 sunblock spray which hydrates my dry skin and keeps it dewy looking.
Lotus Daily multifunctional sunblock SPF 70 comes in a yellow flattened tube with a flip top cap.I always prefer tube packaging but I didn't like this one because during traveling if the tube gets squeezed then the cap opens spilling lots of product.So this is not a travel friendly product and with time sunblock started accumulating near the mouth of the cap too.The tube is bit lighter and its difficult to know how much product is left inside the tube.

The sunblock is slightly tinted and has yellow undertones.The consistency is neither too runny nor too heavy, its more like a hydrating lotion.I thought initially the shade would be perfect for my skin tone.But after applying I noticed that it leaves a pronounced whitish cast which makes my skin look greyish if I apply more.One should apply good amount of sunblock but whenever I apply more, it starts flaking mainly near the corners, like corners of mouth, nose and forehead just like the SPF 40 3in 1 matte sunblock. Many a times I skip using a moisturizing lotion beneath too as this sunblock hydrates my skin properly.Just never use any cream or lotion with SPF underneath this sunblock or else get ready to be scared by your own 'GRUDGE 3 mirror image.  :p The trick is to apply a very light lotion followed by dotting of sunblock on your face.You can always reapply in small quantity after that to avoid flaking, just do not apply lots of sunblock in one go.

I have noticed after 2-3 hours my skin looks  really bright, even after a tiring day I look really fresh all day long which I didn't notice with any other sunscreen or sunblock.This sunblock indeed makes my skin soft to touch and prevents tanning effectively.I spent 2-3 days shopping in the afternoon in scorching hot but there was no tanning and pigmentation.This sunblock never broke me out and improves skin texture with regular use.I liked this product except the fact that it gives pronounced white cast.I think I will go for their SPF 90 Collagen shield sunblock now as I read that one does not give any white cast and its SPF 90 that means it will give 99% protection from UV rays.

Pros Of The Product:
-Contains Avocado and Carrot extracts which are well known for softening and regenerating properties.
-Its Paraben free. Yayeeee I am so happy for that.
-This sunblock blocks 99% of UV rays, in contrast to others that block 97%, many of you may think its not a big deal but in the long run it really matters.
-It keeps my skin bright and fresh looking for a long time.
-It indeed softens my skin and improves skin texture with regular use.
-Never ever broke me out.
-This is neither runny nor too heavy, I like its lotion kind consistency.
-This sunblock hydrates my skin too , so may times I skip a moisturizer too but thats only during summers.
-I used it and spent 2-3 hours in direct sunlight but I could not see any tanning or pigmentation.
-This product is suitable for both oily and dry skin people.
-Lotus herbals has wide range of sunscreens and sunblocks, I liked most of them.( Do try their SPF 40 Matte 3 in 1 sunblock).
-Evens out complexion to some extent.
-This one prevents sunburns , sun spots and freckles.I really agree to it, I get sun burns easily but with this one I never faced such a problem.
-Prevents breast cancer as its preservative free.
-Tube packaging is hygienic.
-It has PA+++ which is the best a sunblock can give you,total protection from UV A rays.

Cons Of The Product:
-Gives pronounced white cast which makes my skin look greyish.
-One should use sunblock in adequate amount for better sun protection but if you apply more this sunblock starts flaking.
-Never ever use any cream or moisturizer with SPF beneath this sunblock, seriously you will get scared with your own face. :p
-The packaging is no way travel friendly.If the tube gets squeezed then flip top cap opens spilling sunblock.
-With tube packaging you never come to know how much product is left.
-Quantity provided is very very less.
-This product is very pricy for a drug store product.Lotus herbals keep on increasing the price of their products every now and then unreasonably.
-Its advised to use this product after every 3 hours and to apply on face, neck, arms, legs and so on. My god I will really go bonker if I do that.I will finish the tube within a week.
-Its not totally sweat proof and transfer proof.Many a times I have seen sunblock transferring onto my mobile screen when I am traveling, didn't notice it in our Air conditioned lab though.
-If this product gets into your eyes by chance, really irritates my eyes a lot.
-Did not notice any skin lightening properties even after using it for one month.

Price : 3 out of 5
Quality: 4.25 out of 5
Quantity: 3.25 out of 5
Effectiveness: 4.5 out of 5
Availability: 4.5 out of 5
Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 

Will I repurchase it? I wont get this variant, I am planning to get their SPF 90 Collagen shield sunblock.

My Overall Recommendation: This sunblock is really effective in preventing tan and keeps your skin bright and fresh looking for a long time.It blocks 99% of UV rays and gives blocks almost all UV A rays.This product softens and hydrates my skin too.Quality wise its really an awesome sunblock just the quantity and price are the pinching factors.This sunblock also flakes if used in more quantity and gives a white cast too.

PR Sample.