Thursday, 5 April 2012

Soulflower Sandalwood Geranium Shampoo Bar

Hello Friends!
Today I am going to review 'Soulflower Sandalwood geranium Shampoo Bar' which I bought along with several organic products from Natural Mantra shopping site during last week of February.

Price: Rs 250.00 


All those with dry, flyaway, scanty hair, throw out your hats.Dry hair looks dull, tangles easily & can become easily split at the ends. You need essential oils that stimulate the sebaceous glands in the scalp to produce more oil. Sandalwood & Geranium do that & more! They also work as an antidepressant on the emotional level, soothing anxiety & stress. Jojoba & almond oils nourish hair & it will regain its elasticity, leaving it soft, shiny & with far more body. Formulated to gently clean your hair as well has hands, face & body -- especially convenient when traveling. They're safe for chemical treated, colored, children’s hair.
Use Sandalwood Geranium Shampoo Bar for normal to dry hair. Rub the bar between your hands & apply the lather to your hair or rub the bar directly on your hair. Work the lather through & rinse as usual.

1.Sandalwood deep relaxes, has astringent, anti-inflammatory & antiseptic properties. Soothes a dry & irritated scalp.
2.Geranium essential oil calms & relaxes, prevents hair loss, helps to restore oil balance in the hair glands Jojoba oil..
3.Jojoba oil helps keep the hair moisturized so that it doesn’t break and can retain length.
4.Almond oil provides deep nourishment & moisture for dry locks, adds shine to dull hair, makes hair stronger & controls hair loss.
5.Aloe vera gel has anti-inflammatory properties that keep your hair strong & healthy, stops hair fall. Makes hair shiny & healthy.
6.Shikakai(means fruit for hair) is a natural gentle conditioning agent for hair & scalp. Effective in combating dandruff & extremely gentle, working to not overly strip hair of its natural oils.

Contains : Geranium & sandalwood essential oils, jojoba oil, almond oil, shikakai, aloevera, Vitamin E, glycerin,  aqua, saponified oils of olive, coconut, castor, palm & palm kernel.

Note : Soulflower shampoo bars do not contain any chemical hair conditioners, so we recommend that you apply a few drops of JOJOBA CARRIER OIL, to your damp hair,which will condition as well as keep your hair naturally healthy.Your hair does not look oily at all and its a great protection from the hot summer.

My Take On This Product:
I remember when I was a child my mom used to cleanse my hair with a maroon colored soap named Shikakai Soap.I never liked its fragrance and always used to request my momma to buy Sunsilk shampoo for me (That time Sunsilk TV commercials  used to come) I clearly remember how thick and healthy my hair used to be.I used to have very curly and thick hair with almost no hair fall. The moment I bade Goodbye to Soaps and started using shampoos my ordeal with hair and scalp related problems started.So the moment I saw this Soulflower Sandalwood Geranium Soap bar online, I really felt nostalgic remembering those good old days.

Though price of Soulflower soap really hit me hard but I thought to try it once and check how this one suits my dry hair.I checked online but did not get a single review, just got information regarding this product at the official site of Soulflower India.I was quite excited to try a hair shampoo bar after a long time that too which is completely free from SLS and contains no animal ingredients and harmful preservatives.

So coming back to review, this soap is maroon colored and has an ayurvedic yet refreshing fragrance.This soap is pretty bulky so I had to cut it into four chunks, this way it lasts long and does not feel bulky while using it.I have already finished one of the chunks and going to finish the second one by next week.Each of these soap chunks last for 8-9 washes on my shoulder length hair. So its going to last me a long time you see, pretty reasonable considering the lasting time.

This soap does not yield very rich lather yet I like it because I am satisfied that it does not contain SLS and second due to the creaminess of the lather.Whenever I use any shampoo on my dry hair and skip a conditioner then my hair gets tangled horribly.  :( This was the only shampoo which completely detangled my dry hair even after skipping a conditioner.It made my hair look darker, healthier and soft. It conditions my hair nicely, so I can skip a conditioner too.It controls frizz to some extent and makes hair bouncy.Generally I lose few strands with every wash after using any shampoo but this soap did not cause any hair fall in my case.I felt very very happy using it.
But whenever I apply oil and wash my hair, though initially my hair feels very soft and non greasy yet after two days my hair feels very limp and dull. So I think this is not for people with oily scalp. Its meant for dry hair and if you have very dry hair, you can use it and follow up with your HG Conditioner.I sometimes Apply Organic Surge conditioner after washing my hair with this soap.

If you are expecting extremely shiny Salon treated kind of hair then you will be disappointed, it makes my hair look and feel healthier.Shampoos and soaps free from SLS and harmful preservatives help in restoring the hair growth cycle and result in hair regrowth with continued usage.

Pros Of The Product:
-This shampoo bar contains Sandalwood, Geranium essential oil, Jojoba oil, Almond oil, Shikakai, Aloe vera gel.All these ingredients are well known and used in hair care since a long time.
-This soap leaves my hair squeaky clean yet does not strip off essential oils and moisture.
-This soap is devoid of any kind of harmful preservative and color.
-This soap is free of SLS.
-This soap contains no animal ingredients. 
-This soaps lasts for a long time.
-It made my hair look and feel healthy, dark and bouncy.
-Controlled frizziness to some extent.
-My hair gets easily detangled after using this soap and skipping  conditioner.
-It gives creamy lather which I really love.
-It has ayurvedic kind fragrance which feels very refreshing.
-Suitable for dry hair.
-Price seems reasonable considering the lasting time of the soap.
-Available these days at several Online shopping sites.
-Soulflower has soaps meant for oily hair too. They have a wide range collection of wonderful soaps.I really love their range.
-This soap  is safe for use on chemically treated hair and Children's hair too.
-This shampoo bar did not cause any kind of hair fall in my case rather stopped a bit of hair fall that I was experiencing with other hair products.
-With regular usage of such healthy products restores hair growth cycle and helps in hair regrowth too. 
-Controls frizziness to some extent too.
-Each of the soap chunk lasts for 8-9 washes on my shoulder length hair.
-Makes your scalp healthy with regular use.

Cons Of The product:
-This seems pretty pricy for a soap bar.
-Whenever I apply hair oil, within two days of its usage my hair looks dull and limp.
-Its a bulky soap bar and not very travel friendly.So I cut  it into pieces.
-Not available at stores or malls or super markets.
-This does not make my hair very shiny and glossy which I always expect.  :p 

Quality: 4.75 out of 5
Price: 3.75 out of 5
Effectiveness: 4.25 out of 5
Availability: 3 out of 5 
Quantity: 4.5 out of 5
Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

Will I repurchase it? Yes definitely I will buy it again.

My Overall Recommendation: I would like to recommend this shampoo bar to people with normal to very dry hair.This soaps makes hair darker, healthier, soft and bouncy.It controls frizziness to some extent too.This soap however wont suit people with oily scalp and they may use another soap meant for their hair.