Sunday, 25 March 2012

Street Wear True Color Eye Shadow- Green With Envy, Swatches, Review, EOTD

Hello Friends!
Today I am going to review and post swatches of an eye shadow quad 'Green with Envy' from Street Wear. Recently Sukanya wanted my make up break down of an EOTD where I had used all shades from this particular quad.So checkout my review to know if this quad was a dud or winner.

Price: Rs 425 for 4.8 Grams

Shades Available:
-Green With Envy: It has particular shades:
>Khaki Gold
>Lemon Green
>Forest Green
>Khaki Green

There are other two quads, one of them is for smokey eye makeup and has White, Grey, Royal Blue and Black shades. The other quad is suitable for wedding eye makeup and has Beige, Yellow Gold, Copper, Maroon Brown shades respectively.

My Take On This Product:
Some two weeks back, I had been to a cosmetic store at our place to check Glam on collection launched by Faces Canada.To utter dismay, that cosmetic store has discontinued keeping Faces Canada products as no one here is aware of the brand and they had to bear losses for it. :( Anyways I was about to leave the store,so the SA asked me to check products from Revlon and Streetwear.I was not interested but still thought to give a look at their stock.While checking all products, my eyes fell upon this quad and I really liked it very much.There was no particular tester of this quad, so it was risky purchasing it.There are two more quads in this range, I checked those and really liked their pigmentation and shades.I am in love with green shadows these days, so without wasting time I purchased this quad.Immediately after coming back to my room, I swatched it and tried several looks.One thing I noticed that these quads were very similar to 'Revlon Colorstay 12 hour eyeshadow Quads' in terms of quality, pigmentation, quantity, and even packaging.

The Quad 'Green with Envy' comes in a sleek silver box with a transparent see through lid and a mirror inside of the transparent cover.Two sponge applicators, one broad and another quite thin and small have been provided too.Though no of very good quality still can be used during emergency and for touch ups. I use the thin eye shadow applicator to apply eye shadows at the inner corners of my eyes.The shades are:
-Khaki based Gold Eye Shadow
-Lemon Green with silver micro shimmers
-Forest Green 

All the shades are very soft in nature, so one has to be careful while swiping eye shadow brush over it.These seem to be loose powder in pressed form.All shades have pearlish finish and can be paired with each other to create numerous eye makeup looks.Though these seem to be moderately pigmented, these are quite buildable and you get awesome color pay off even without an eye shadow base underneath.I am kind of lazy and do not use an eye primer regularly so for me this quad is a boon.  :p I have done 4-5 eye makeup looks with this quad and found all shades to be wearable.Many of us do not wear green eye shadows because we do not find them wearable.But all shades in this quad are wearable and you can easily carry it with confidence.You wont believe but green shadows make me really very happy and draw me closer to nature.

With a primer, these shades look more pigmented and staying power increases significantly.Without a base, I have seen creasing after 4 hours and with a base I have noticed minimal creasing after 6 hours.I have never liked Street Wear products earlier but this quad is an exception.Its great for the price you get this for.Quantity is pretty good too.Those who are looking for wearable and reasonable green eye shadows should definitely get this quad.

Pros Of The Product:
-The Green with Envy has very pretty shades of green which are wearable!
-All the shades though are moderately pigmented are buildable and give intense look even without a base underneath
-These shades are very soft in texture and blend effortlessly.
-All shades have pearly finish which I prefer over shimmery shades.
-There is no fall out howsoever.
-Without a base these shades stay for nearly 4 hours and with a shade for 6 hours with minimal creasing.
-Quantity provided is great for the price.
-Price is reasonable for the quality, quantity and shades that you get.
-Easily available at all cosmetic stores stocking Street Wear products.
-There are two other quads in this range, one for bridal wear and another one is for creating intense smokey eyes.
-These do not contain parabens in them.
-Great combination of shades-forest green with khaki and gold.
-Eye shadow applicators have been provided.
-A small mirror is lodged inside of the cover which is useful for touch ups.
-Its quite travel friendly and packaging is sleek and attractive.
-Quality is almost similar to Revlon Colorstay 12 hour Eyeshadow Quad.
-It has a see through lid, so you can view the shades.

Cons Of The product:
-No information regarding this product is given at any website.
-There is no highlighter shade in this quad which could be use under the brow bone.
-These eye shadows are very soft ,so if one swipes a bit hard over it can lead to product wastage.
-Not available online at any shopping site.
-Price may seem higher for a Street Wear product.
-Many may not find the lemon green shade wearable. ( I use it mainly at the inner corners)

Quality: 4 out of 5
Shades: 4.5 out of 5
Pigmentation: 3.75 out of 5
Staying Power: 4 out of 5
Price: 3.75 out of 5
Availability: 4 out of 5
Packaging: 4.5 out of 5
Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

Will I Repurchase It? I may purchase the quad for smokey eyes, I quite liked the pigmentation of it.

My Overall Recommendation:
The Quad 'Green with Envy' has some very pretty wearable shades of green, khaki,gold and lemon green.One can pair it up and create numerous looks with it.All shades have pearlish finish.I would surely recommend this quad to all green eye shadow lovers.This is not only of good quality but also affordable at easily available at several cosmetic stores.

For this Eye makeup I haven't used any eye shadow base, mainly due to my laziness :p I have applied forest green shadow on the lid and khaki shadow at the outer corner and crease.I have applied Loreal gel liner Brown.I had applied a lip color but after having a lunch and coffee, it has entirely gone :p Forgot to use a concealer and a mascara! :D

P.S I have clicked pics after four hours of doing this eye makeup! I wanted to check its staying power.So these are actually good!