Sunday, 18 March 2012

L'oreal Paris Superliner 24 Hour Waterproof Gel Liner - 02 Brown

Hello Friends!
My Fellow Blogger Siri Sekhar of the wonderful blog Siri-mythoughts wanted to see the swatches of L'oreal Gel Liner in shade 'Brown' side by side with the swatches of Faces Eyeliner Pencil 'Metal Brown' which I found to be its closest dupe, so here I am reviewing it for all of you sweeties!

What The Company Says?
A long-lasting waterproof eyeliner with an intense and bold color result. The high-precision brush makes application easy and creates a perfectly smooth line. An ultra-quick drying effect creates a smudge-free, dramatic look that lasts up to 24 hours

Price: Rs 750 for 2.8 grams

My Take On This Product:
I had purchased this gel liner last year in the month of June from a store at Kolkata.It was an impulse buy, I had really not thought picking this up.I had actually gone to purchase Maybelline gel liner in Black and ended up buying both Maybelline and L'Oreal Gel liner in Brown.I wanted to purchase gel liner in shades Black and Brown.The SA showed me the L'Oreal gel liner, at that time I didn't know its price and was taken aback after hearing its price :p I mean after paying half the bucks for Maybelline Gel liner for almost same quantity I had never expected I would have to cough up double the amount for this beauty :p

This gel liner comes in a glass jar with a gel liner brush provided with it.The quality of the brush is much better than the brush provided with Maybelline gel liner and the overall look and packaging is far more attractive and sophisticated.You can draw both thick and thin lines with the brush provided with it.The Gel liner is seriously of awesome quality, now I understand why its charged double the price of Maybelline gel liner.Its very creamy and just one swipe gives me fabulous pigmentation, I don't need to dip my brush in liner for more.Its been almost 9 months since I bought it, still the texture has not changed even a single bit.Its same soft and creamy as it was.This liner is not only 'Waterproof' but also 'Smudge proof'. It stays on my eyes without any base for whole day till I do not remove it with a makeup remover.It does not get removed entirely with a face wash.I have been using it so much, still it refuses to finish as very little gel is required for each application.

This range has only two shades:
The Black one is completely matte but the brown one is a pretty warm brown shade with subtle golden specks which are evenly distributed in the gel liner.This is Gel liner is of best quality among all the drugstore liners available at market and totally worth its price.

Pros Of The Product:
-Its a pretty warm brown shade with visible golden specks in it.
-Very much wearable shade, can be worn both during and night.
-The Texture of the gel liner is very soft and creamy and remains same for a long time.Its been 9 months I bought this liner and I haven't noticed a single change in its formulation till now.
-Its highly pigmented and you require just a swipe for lining your eyes.
-Its completely Waterproof.
-Its smudge proof too.
-It stays on my eyes for the whole day till I do not remove it with a makeup remover.
-It dries up within seconds after applying on my eyes.
-Can be used as eyeshadow base too.
-The packaging is travel friendly and attractive.
-Its provided with a gel liner brush of very good quality.
-One can draw both thin and thick lines with the brush provided with it.
-Its quality is far better than any gel liner I have used till date ( I have used Inglot, Bharat & dorris, Maybelline, Tips & toes gel liners only)
-This shade will flatter all Indian skin tones.
-It will last you for a very long time indeed.
-Did not dry up even a bit like other gel liners.
-Never makes my eyes feel uncomfortable or stretchy.
-I have lined my waterline too with it few times and it never stung me, however I would not advise you to do the same.

Cons Of The Product:
-Its price is a major turn off, not budget friendly at all.
-Quantity provided is only 2.8 grams.
-Only two shades are available. :(
-Those who like sporting only matte liners may like it.

Qualitywise: 5 out of 5
Price: 3.5 out of 5
Shade: 5 out of 5
Availability: 4 out of 5
Overall Rating: 4.3 out of 5

Will I Repurchase it? If I need to then definitely yes I will.

My Overall Recommendation: This is a pretty warm brown shade with visible golden sparkles in it.Its of great quality and does not dry up soon unlike other gel liners.This shade can be worn both during day and night.I would definitely recommend you this liner if it fits your budget.

Those who want to know a dupe of this shade can try Faces Eyeliner Pencil 'Metal Brown', Its the closest dupe.