Saturday, 18 February 2012

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow 'Pearl 428'

Hello Friends!
Today I am going to review Inglot Freedom System 'Pearl 428' which I recently purchased from during their 20% flat Sale on Inglot Cosmetics.

Price- Rs 300 for 2.7 Grams in Square Refills/ 1.5 Grams in Round Refills, I got this for Rs 230 after discount.

My Take On This Product:
I was waiting for a sale at since a long time as I had missed their 30% sale before.I have tried their gel liners and eye shadows in past too.I was superimpressed by their quality and wide range of products available.I almost went mad seeing the collection at their store. :p Anyways this time I wanted to try few of their 'Pearl' eye shadows  and blushes which are so raved about.I prefer eye shadows with pearl finish over shimmery ones, so I purchased those this time.

I bought all Freedom System Eye shadow refills as they are economical and you get a lot of quantity in case of square refills.These in pan costs around Rs 680 for 1.5 Grams,where as you get these refills for just Rs 300 for 1.5 Grams in case of Round refills, or 2.75 Grams in case of square refills.This thing sounds so weird no?I mean less quantity high price ?? I even bought all blush refills as they were damn economical too.If you go to stores, you cant buy refills without purchasing a palette.So thats why I prefer this site for buying refills, as you wont have to buy an empty palette, in order to purchase Freedom System refills.Generally I check for swatches online,decide shades that I like and then order online.

Ok now back to the product, Inglot Pearl 428 is a bright 'Midnight Blue' shade with a pearl finish.Its a damn pigmented eye shadow.I need just one swipe with my eye shadow brush for applying all over the lid.It blends nicely too without leaving any harsh lines.It immediately pops up my eyes, brightens a dull face.Whenever I use this shadow, I prefer a nude lipsticks as the shadow makes my entire eye makeup quite vibrant.This is so pigmented that I always skip an eye primer whenever I use this. :p Without a primer it stays for some 4 hours + on my eyes with slight creasing.With an Eye shadow primer, it stays for 6 hours + with not very distinct creasing.The texture of the shadow is pretty soft,but pressed in compact form so leads to no wastage of product.Its a must have shadow for Parties I feel, you can also use it on your outer corner with some light shadow on your lid, or may pair it with black to create smokey eyes, or even use it as an eyeliner.The quantity provided is good and will last me for a long time as I need just a single swipe each time.

Pros of The product:
-Its a bright Midnight blue shade.
-Texture is pretty soft but never leads to product wastage as it is in compact form.
-It has pearl kind finish with no visible distinct shimmers.
-Very apt for Party wear.
-It can be used with black to create smokey eyes or can be used as an eyeliner.
-With a primer creases little bit after 6 hours.
-Very pigmented and hence required just a bit for whole lid application.
-It will last me for a long time.
-Quantity provided is good.
-Wide range of colors available in this range.
-This shade immediately brightens up my face.
-Now we can buy Inglot products from
-These are fragrance and Paraben Free.

Cons Of The product:
-Freedom System shadows cannot be purchased from stores without purchasing an empty palette.
-I simply do not understand why Inglot has overpriced their products available in pan, even though quantity is very less.
-These may crease in few hours if you have oily lid.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Will I repurchase it? Definitely,  but other shades. :p

My Overall Recommendation: Please purchase these beauties if you like shadows with pearl finish.These are totally worth the price.