Thursday, 8 December 2011

My First Online Shopping Experience at Healthkart and Lakme Absolute Haul

Hello Friends!
This is my first shopping experience from Healthkart. Do read on to know more regarding my overall shopping experience!

My Overall Shopping Experience:
I have been interested in shopping from Healthkart since a long time, as they offer wide range of products from personal care, Health care to Beauty related cosmetic products.As they do not offer COD to my place,I had restrained buying from them. Nowadays everyone is posting their Lakme absolute haul from Healthkart.I was very much interested to try some products from Lakme absolute range and when I saw Healthkart has become official partner of Lakme Absolute then I mailed them and asked if they could add COD to my place.They flatly refused saying there are other options like Internet banking and Demand draft too.

Once while checking online payment options at their website I saw one could pay using SBI Maestro card too.I had never ever shopped before using debit card, it was a risk but the products were tempting enough.So without much delay I placed one order on 1st December and the second order on 2nd December.Immediately by second of placing my order I received a payment receipt and tracking number showing my products have been dispatched.Today on December 8, I received  all my products in good condition.I also got two Lakme color crush nail polish worth Rs 125 free with each order.I checked the manufacturing date and saw everything were new.I am quite amazed with the quality of Lakme Absolute Moonlit highlighter, its simply awesome.The matte lipstick Elegant bloom is dark pink color with mauve undertone, its good lipstick but certainly not worth the price as you require 4-5 swipes for opaque coverage and its definitely not transfer resistant.Will review all my haul stuffs very very soon.

My First Order:

-Lakme Silk Liner- Jaded Mint
-Lakme Absolute Moonlit Highlighter

My Second Order:
-Lakme Silk Liner- Gypsy Green
-Lakme Absolute Matte Lipstick- Elegant Bloom

Haul Pics:

I got the two nail polish from Lakme free with my order.Alas I am not at all a nail polish fan, so may give these away in a giveaway!

Here I present you my SCARY Lip Swatch! :p  Anyways I need 4-5 swipes for this much pigmentation! Very disappointed with the lipstick quality!

After 4 Swipes, I got this result!
Its definitely not Transfer Resistant!
The Silk Liners are damn pigmented, these are the result of just a single swipe!

 Pros of Shopping at
-Stocks up 300 + brands ranging from personal care, health care and beauty related products.
-They have a referral program in which you get Rs 100 off in your first purchase and get a code, if your friends use that code, Rs 100 will credited in your account.
-They are the first ones to stock up Lakme absolute products. :)
-They are giving awesome gifts with every purchase. :x
-I received my order within 6 days.
-They have wide range of payment options including demand draft, SBI maestro debit card online payment and direct money transfer.
-Very active customer care.
-You can directly chat with customer care people at their chat portal in their website.
-All the products I received were brand new.
-Packaging is very sturdy and completely safe.
-Once a product is out of stock, they have the option of 'Notify me' which is very helpful.
-They give fabulous discount on several products.
-Every week, they  offer extra discount on several brands.

Cons of Shopping at
-They offer COD to very limited places. (They are continuously covering up new places for COD Service)
-Earlier there were discount on Revlon Products but now you don't get any discount. :(
-They offer free shipping only on purchase of products worth Rs 500.Simply discouraging!
-They sometimes also send old stuff.(One of  My Close friend's Experience) :((
-I wish they could give at least 5 % discount on Lakme Absolute range.(They intend to give 15% cash back in near future)
-I got all products after 6 days which is kind of delay when compared with other Shopping sites. (This is only due to DTDC courier people and Healthkart is not responsible)
-No one replies in their chat portal.
-They don't offer flexible service suiting to customers need and interest. For Eg- I requested them to send products to my place by COD,but they flatly refused whereas several other sites have sent me my order through COD. =((

Will I Shop Again?If they agree for COD then I definitely intend to shop from in future.

Update: Sonal from had mailed me and clarified several issues.
-First of all I got my order after 6 days because the DTDC people took 4 days to send me my order from Ranchi to my hostel. 
-Second they have also added that they will offer COD to several places in due course of time.
-Third they are willing to offer 15% cash back on Lakme Absolute products in few weeks.For these reasons, I think I will surely shop from them in near future. Thanks a lot Sonal for clarifying everything.


  1. they gave you those nail polishes free!!!! really tempting :P
    i want these smileys.....:-/

  2. Yaaa got these nail polish 4 free, but me dont like nail polish :( anyways you will have to include html code for these smilies, you will get google, search 4 it anf follow the instructions!

  3. nice haul dear, the lipstick shade is pretty :)
    the nail paints look nice too,,if you dont use them you can always give them to friends around you,
    one more thing ,, are u like fine with your pic showing ur hostel address ? :) just my concern,,rest your wish n comfort :)

  4. Ya lipstick shade is nice and packaging is nice, apart from that nothing is nice! Nail paints are fun colors, my friends also here are not fond of nail panits better to give in giveaway so that those who love these can get it! I first thought whether to use the pic or not, hmm ok removing the pic!

  5. Wow-post the lippy review Taps-the one you are wearing is looking nice on you-but you also told me about the cons b-( and nice haul!!!! but HK website truly needs to pay heed to its competitors-personally my experience with this site wasnt that good too ~x(

  6. Ya Anu the shade is definitely pretty but we can get several dupes of it at lesser price and good quality! I dont like its quality at all! n yes i meantioned about ur bad healthkart experience in my cons section !

  7. you got the nail polishes for free???!!!!! OMG Lucky YOU!!!!!! but wait they sometimes send old stuff???? uh oh not nice... i guess its on your luck if u have a good experience with them or not na?
    nice review btw :)

  8. Yesss Suma , I got these for free, you like it?? Sometimes thay send old stuff but I think thats from skincare range not makeup, so dont worry, just dont order skincare stuff from them.

  9. So true.Wish the free shipping threshold was lesser than that. :(
    Hey you got two crush nail polishes!!! wowie!!
    Hey! the lips look like 'bar bar dekho, hazaar bar dekho'... :)

  10. Nice haul.......waiting for reviews

  11. nice haul! the lipstick shade looks good. its too bad that its nt pigmented enuf.

  12. @ Pooja, hi hi You liked the shade soo much?? Me too liked but its finish is not good at all! and you liked the nail polish? Me too liked it , so cute they are na?

  13. @Shri yess dear sure! will review some veryyy soon!

  14. @ Kuheli Thanks dear, I just wish the quality of lippie should have been as good as the packaging and shade, but it totally failed for me

  15. liked everything u bought esp the silk liners :)

  16. @Bhumika Thanks a lot! I lked the Moolit highlighter a lot! I too liked the silk liners esp gypsy green, jaded mint i found is a dupe of faces forest green eye pencil!

  17. the lipstick looks awesome on u Taps. :) n the liners are drool worthy. :X reviews plzzz :p

  18. Awwwwww so sweet of you! I myself got scared seeing the pic though! yesss liners r awesome, will review all from january after my exams r over!

  19. ohh okies.Best of luck for exams :)

  20. very good article that reminds me grabbing a few months to buysome very good products online at and I camequickly and without problems