Thursday, 22 December 2011

Lakme Absolute Cheek Chromatic Baked Blush 'Day Sheer'

Hello Friends,
Currently I am at home so thats why could splurge a bit on Lakme absolute range this week.I wanted to try their baked blushes since the day I saw several bloggers posting swatches of it.I wanted to buy the shade Night Sheen but it was out of stock so I ended up buying the shade Day sheer.So did the blush woo me completely?? Do read on to know more.

What The Company Says?
Have irresistible rosy cheeks with Lakme Absolute Cheek Chromatic Baked Blush. It contains antioxidants and Vitamin E which hydrates and rejuvenates your skin. You can so easily fall in love with the luminous Blush as you use this luxurious powder for a shimmering glow.

Lakme Absolute Cheek Chromatic Baked Blush is a luxurious powder blush for shimmering glow. Its extraordinary luminosity will make you fall in love with it.
Contains  antioxidants and vitamin E.
  • Get a shimmering glow with this luxurious powder blush
  • Extraordinary luminosity
  • Antioxidant Vitamin E
How to use
Day Look
  • With a brush gently sweep the blush across your cheeks using gentle upward strokes.
Night Look
  • To intensify the shimmer, first apply absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse over face and neck.
  • Then follow instructions for Day Look.
Price: Rs 550 for 4 Grams 

My Take On This Product:
Recently I checked the Lakme Absolute range of Chromatic blushes at Pantaloons.In blog world some said Day sheer is a matte blush, some said shimmery and some said its a pink blush so I was kind of confused how it actually looked like.I was going to place my order online but then decided to check out the blushes myself at the stores before purchasing.

So I would like to tell you all that after checking I found Day Sheer blush to be shimmery and Night Sheen to be a subtle peachy copper blush thats imparts nice sheen.I wanted to buy Night Sheen but didnt buy that day and decided to buy the next day.

 So next day when I arrived, the night sheen blush was sold, :( They had kept only one piece.So I ended up buying Day Sheer.

Day sheer blush comes in a pot with a transparent cover and a black attractive outer carton with a card mentioning instructions regarding application of blush during day and night time.
The blush is dome shaped and orangish- Bronze in color, Its a warm color which will suit Indian skin tones perfectly.The texture of the blush is quite soft in comparison with other baked blushes I have used till date due to which when you use a blusher brush, there is wastage of the product.Though the name is Day sheer, I can never think of wearing it during day time even in my wildest dreams. :p It has pronounced chunky gold sparkles distributed all over the blush.When I apply it on my cheeks, the blush looks pretty but the sparkles show prism like effect which I personally feel odd to wear it during daytime.During night one can wear it as blusher cum highlighter for sure.

Pros Of The Product:
-Very pretty orangish- bronze shade.
-This particular shade is apt for Indian skin tones.
-The texture of the blush is very soft and blends well.
-Its a pigmented blush, so you require just a bit.
-Staying power is near to 4 hours.
-Packaging and all is very attractive.
-It will work great as a highlighter.
-Its one of the cheapest baked blush available in the market.

Cons Of The Product:
-I cant ever think of wearing this blush during daytime.
-The sparkles are chunky and looks ott on my skin.
-The sparkles settles in my pores and accentuates my pores more.
-It kind of shows rainbow effect which I so dislike.
-The staying power of the color of the blush is very less.After two hours you are left with only the sparkles on your cheeks.
-Quantity is very less.
-The texture is soft, so there is lots of product wastage.
-Its damn pricy.
-I could not get any information from Lakme website regarding this blush.
-Very few limited shades are available.
-The lakme Absolute range is seriously over priced, over hyped and a total failure for me.Their matte lipstick was again a failure.
-Its not provided with a miror or brush.
-It will easily break if the blusher pot slips.

Rating: 2.75 out of 5 

Will I repurchase it? No way sweeties! I would not purchase a single product from Lakme Absolute Range anymore.I regret buying their blush and Matte lipstick Elegant Bloom.

My Overall Recommendation: Rather go for Night sheen blush but not for this one.It has sparkles that looks ott on skin.I wont recommend this costly blush to you people rather go for Deborah Milano baked blushes which are good for price and quantity at which they are available.


  1. I had the exact same thoughts Taps-when I was checking the swatches at the store-this one had very visible glitters-that I may not even wear in night parties for the blingy-ness-I so wish you had found night sheen :( :(

  2. @ Anu Yes you had suggested me i know, I was going to buy night sheen but it was sold and then I thought may be I can wear day sheer during night time but alas i really cant wear this at all! its a failure according to me!

  3. it has such obvious glitter.. wont it accentuate pores?

  4. this is so very shimmery and that too this chunky n blingy :| :| who decided to name these as day sheer only god knows 8-}

  5. Thanks for the review! I'll surely avoid this. Hehe. I'm not too impressed with the absolute range at all...

  6. Glitter is too obvious for my like :-L and as you said over priced also

  7. so true Taps.. the sparkles in the blush are really chunky... they look so OTT na!!! but the peach shade is really pretty... its just the glitter that makes it difficult to wear :(

  8. @ Bee yes dear it accentuates my pores though I have small pores! :(

  9. @Jyoti seriously dear, who on earth named it day sheer god knows.I mean its sooo shimmery, i cant even wear it during night!

  10. @Purple spirit You arfe always welcome sweety! i am not at all happy with the absolute range, over priced and bad quality!

  11. @ Siri Yess it has chunky glitters which looks so ott on cheeks

  12. @ Samyukta yess dear the shade is very pretty just if it was minus the sparkles then it could have been my favorite!

  13. @ Rids ya dear, you can skip this range entirely!

  14. thanx for review yah shimmer chunks look quite bigger

    following you now :)

  15. Thanks a lot dear! yes its shimmery and chunky

  16. thanks for following. Following u back :). I was planning to buy blushes from their range and thanks to your review, now I think I will skip this. Their lipglosses are nice. Do check em out. Candyshine is really good

  17. @Pooja yess dear shimmery for all of us ! :(

  18. @Indianmakeupways welcome to my blog dear! the lipgloss shade candy shine was really good just was pricy for the quantity so didnt buy! :)