Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Avon Trio Eye Shadow 'Midnight Luster'

Hello Friends!
Today I am going to review Avon trio Eye Shadow Midnight Luster which I had bought on offer some six months back.Do read on to know more!

 Price:Rs 399 for 4 gm, Rs 299 on offer.

Shades Available:
-Midnight Luster
-Onyx Quartz

What The Company Says? 
Mix and match three shades to come up with different finish each time.

My Take On This Product:
I was instantly in love the moment I had seen this trio shadow in the Avon brochure on offer.Then I didn't own a single black eye shadow and wanted to have one badly.This trio looked perfect for me to create smokey eyes make up for parties as well as neutral eye make up for day wear.
Its a good trio, that comes in a sleek, classy black casing with a mirror and and eye shadow applicator which is totally useless.There are three shades:
-Matte Black Eye shadow
-Peachy beige Eye Shadow ( Pearl Finish)
-Bronzy Brown Eye Shadow ( Pearl Finish)
Some silver specks are unevenly distributed all over eye shadows which I don't like but it doesn't matter as the specks do not show up on my eyes.The texture of shadows are very soft and powdery so there is lots of product wastage.These are moderately pigmented shadows but buildable.

The peachy beige shadow will suit Indian skin tones a lot, I use this to highlight my brow bone mostly and sometimes mix it with the bronzy brown shade.The black matte shade is quite pigmented too.Overall I am impressed with the quality of the shadow and will recommend it to everyone.

Pros Of The Product:
-Its a beautiful trio which you can use to create both smoky and neutral eye make up.
-It comes with a mirror and an eye shadow applicator.
-The quantity provided is pretty good.
-Reasonable price when available on offer.
-Shadows are moderately pigmented but buildable.
-Staying power is near to 4 hours without primer and 5-6 hours with a primer.
-Texture is very soft and blends nicely especially the peachy beige shadow blends so nicely.
-None of the shades are chalky.
-Though there are silver specks here and there but thank god they do not show up on my lids distinctly.

Cons Of The Product:
-The eye shadow applicator is totally useless.
-I really do not like the silver specks on the black eye shadow.
-Without offer, I find this pretty costly.
-Due to powdery texture, there is lots of product wastage.
-Though in Avon brochure quantity mentioned is 4 gm but in the pack the mentioned net weight is 2.8 gm.
-We can get this only through Avon representatives.
-Contains Parabens.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Will I repurchase it? No I don't think so.This one will last me for a long time indeed.

My Overall Recommendation: Do buy one of these when you find this on offer.