Thursday, 3 November 2011

Biotique Bio Pistachio Ageless Nourishing & Revitalizing Face Pack

Hello Friends!

As the winter season has arrived, I felt like reviewing certain products that I use every winter since couple of years for rejuvenation and hydration of my skin. One of those products is Biotique Nourishing and Revitalizing Pistachio pack that I have been using since last winter.

What the Company Says:

Pistachios come from one of the oldest flowering nut trees on earth, used first by ancient queens for their nourishing and rejuvenating skin benefits. This deeply nurturing pack is blended with pure pistachio, almond, saffron and lentil seed oils to smooth, nourish and revitalize skin for a radiantly ageless complexion.

Biotique Pistachio Pack is a skin treatment used by ancient Queens. The goodness of Almond, Pistachio, Saffron and Lentils nourishes the skin while making it fairer and smoother. Can be used every day. A nourishing and revitalizing mask for even the most sensitive skin.

Apply Bio Pistachio - Biotique Pistachio Pack evenly on a clean dry skin. Leave it for 10 minutes and remove it with Luke warm water.

Price- Rs 199 for 55 gms.


Pista- 2%, Kesar- 3.5 %, Daruhaldi- 2%, Jaiphal- 1%, Java- 3%, Massurica- 1.5%, Gulab Pankhuri-5%, Santra Chilka-8%, Makka- 1.5%, Geru- 12%, Tesupushp- 12%, Q.S-Cream Base.
Combats dry skin and prevents skin infection, pimples and skin blemishes.

My Take on Biotique Pistachio Pack:

True to its name, it contains pista imparting green color to the face pack. This pack is cream based with a fragrance of pista and orange peels. I have been using it since last winter and I don’t regret buying it all though I was skeptical at first seeing the price for just 55 gms. Though quantity is less, it lasts entire winter in my case. This is the only pack which doesn’t dry my skin at all, rather I feel my skin is hydrated after using it. I also use it during summer when I have kind of Normal- to oily skin at those times. In summer, I feel it keeps my skin hydrated without making my skin greasy or oilier. It maintains the proper oil water balance which is essential for every skin. So whenever I use this pack, I apply a thick layer of it and let it dry for 10-15 minutes. Do not sit under the fan while using this pack, let it dry naturally. I feel the same kind of sensation that I feel after applying freshly prepared home made orange peel mask. I love it, because it makes me feel that the pack is actually working on my skin. After the pack dries up, I take few drops of water and massage my skin for 1 minute with the face pack on my face. Then I wait for 5- 10 minutes and wash of the pack with Luke warm water. This procedure actually enhances the action of the pack on my skin more than when we just apply the pack and simply wash off after few minutes. This method not only removes tan but also makes my skin look hydrated, healthy and radiant. I do not use it every day of the week as suggested, but I do use it every alternate day for sure. So overall, I am extremely satisfied with this pack and intend to purchase it again and again.

Pros of Biotique Pistachio pack:

-Contains several herbal ingredients like Pista, Orange peels, turmeric etc.
-This pack is cream based so it hydrates my skin a lot unlike other mud packs.
-It removes tan effectively.
-It can be used regularly without the fear of break out or getting greasy skin.
-Didn’t break out my skin even once.
-Whenever I use it, I feel warm sensation that makes me happy that the pack is working on my skin.
-It gives healthy, hydrated, and radiant skin.
-It maintains the optimum oil- water balance of the skin.
-It will suit all skin types. I suggest oily skin people to wash off the pack with warm water after the pack dries up.
-Preservative free with a shelf life of 3 years.
-Can be used in winter and summer.
-Biotique makes some really good face packs, you can skip many of their products but do not skip their face packs.
-The new packaging is really colorful with loads of information.

Cons of Biotique Pistachio Pack:

-It gives warm sensation to skin whenever you apply it. People with sensitive skin may not like it. (The sensation is similar to what we feel after applying home made orange peel masks, this sensation ensures that the active ingredients are actually working on your skin).
-It is cream based so oily skin people may feel bit greasy after washing it off. (I suggest them to wash it off with warm water).
-The quantity provided is quite less for the price they are charging.
-With new packaging, they increased the price of the product.
-It has tub packaging, so unhygienic. I use a spatula to avoid contamination.
-The claim of 3 years shelf life without using any preservative makes no sense.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Will I repurchase it? Yes, I will purchase it again and again.

My Recommendation: I recommend this product to everybody for this winter. Use it the way I have mentioned above for maximum benefit.


  1. Hey Taps-I loved this product too! It was kinda beauty tonic for my skin-before I came across the Patanjali Aloe vera gel :)

  2. its ur fav pack na Taps. u always used to recommend this to everybody and after reading ur review even m getting it for this winter.Thanks again :)

  3. @golden falcon Yes you used the right word, just like a beauty tonic it works!! which all packs you have used from biotique??

  4. yesss jyoti this has been my HG pack since last winter and I love using it.Give it a try and do share if you like it!

  5. wow
    nice review
    i remember you have mentioned it to me once
    currently i am using khadi's orange+rose petal face pack..thats a great tan remover too
    will go and get this one also after a while :)

  6. @Shaili this is my HG pack, i quite like it ! khadi products are very good but alas, no access to those! :(