Saturday, 5 November 2011

Basicare Soothing Mini Eye Gel Mask

Hello Friends!
Today I am reviewing one of the most wonderful yet inexpensive product that I discovered while shopping online from a not very well known brand. Do read on to know more.
What the Company Says?
Spa treatment for your eyes.
It comforts tired puffy eyes, soothes sinuses, cures head colds, relieves tension, stress etc. Place the mask on your eyes for some time and feel the difference. After each use, use soapy water to rinse and towel dry.
·         To use cold, chill the mask in refrigerator for about 60 minutes or freezer for about 10 minutes. Never freeze mask solid. Then gently place on closed eyes. 
·         To use warm, warm the mask in hot water until desired temperature is reached. Do not heat it with oven, microwave or boiling water.

If suffering from diabetes, circulatory disease, skin disorders or eye injuries, please seek medical advice from doctor. Do not puncture the mask. In case contents come into contact with eyes, wash with clean water. Consult a doctor if irritation persists.
For external use only.
Price: Rs 150, I got this for Rs 120 after discount from

My Take on Basicare Mini Eye Gel Mask:
Frankly saying before I saw the Basicare brand at I didn’t know anything about an eye gel mask. When I saw it, I read the description given and wanted to try it out as I could get that for just Rs120 after discount. I waited for few days and ordered their eye shadow brush which did cost me Rs 80.When I got the brush, it looked very much like that of body shop brush, both in quality and appearance and I was more than happy. After this I decided to order the gel mask and placed my order. When I got it, I saw it was an attractive sea green colored gel mask which felt cooling in touch. It has an elastic band which can be adjusted according to a person need. When I placed it on my eyes, I can’t explain the feeling was awesome. The gel mask was really relaxing, cooling for my eye. You know, how we feel when we place cucumber slices on our eyes? It was the same feeling. After using it I felt my eyes were relaxed and no sign of dark circles or puffy eyes in winter. I have the tendency to get dark circles when am very stressed, but after using it, I do not get dark circles so often. Basicare brand has lots of stuff which are available at reasonable price with superb quality, I have used two products from their brand and I am simply amazed with the quality of the products for the price I paid for them. I paid just Rs 80 for the eye shadow brush and Rs 120 for the gel mask. I would love to buy more and more stuff from this brand in near future.
Pros of Basicare Mini Eye Gel Mask:
-Instantly relieves tired looking appearance.
-Soothes tired eyes and relieves puffy eyes.
-I am not getting dark circles as often as I used to get due to my late night studying and hectic schedule.
-It feels really cooling when placed on eyes.
-It’s the perfect, reasonable spa treatment for your eyes.
-Price is damn reasonable.
-Very innovative concept to take care of your eyes which needs some pampering too.
-It has an adjustable elastic band.
Cons of Basicare Mini Eye gel Mask:
-Availability is the biggest issue.
-Its available through online shopping at and
-For how long we can use it? I am not able to understand that.
Rating: 4.75 out of 5
Will I repurchase it? Yes definitely I will.
My Recommendation: Do use this product for sure. Its worth spending 120 bucks for the quality you get. I would advise you all to keep the mask in refrigerator for 15 minutes and then use it for relaxing and soothing your eyes.


  1. thanks fr reviewing this Taps! I've been intrigued by this too but since I dont have a refrigerator (hostel woes! :( I don't know effective it will be..

  2. Ankita even i stay at hostel and believeme I dont need a refrigerator, its really cool even without that.after using just wash it normal tap water,for only Rs 120 you can buy from or

  3. Heyy Taps-Great review of a product that looks so cool!!!!! I will try this one in my first buy-as the price is quite reasonable!!!! thankuu <3 <3

  4. Yaa Anu price is super reasonable and its really soothing for my eyes.You do buy this when you make a purchase from online sites.I hope you will like it.Thanks a lot!

  5. thnx for reviewing Taps. i was goin to pick this up last time bt cancelled at the last moment. nw will pick it up for sure. and awesome review. the hvn't mentioned any expiry kya on the pckt????

  6. That sounds nice..I will surely try this taps :)

  7. @jyoti thnx a lot 4 liking the review! no dear no such expiry date is mentioned!

  8. @ bhumika Thanks a lot for visiting my blog dear! its a nice one indeed!