Monday, 31 October 2011

My Tinted Moisturizer!

Hello Friends!
Just wanted to share with you about what I did to my half unused Lotus White glow Gel Crème today. While cleaning my cupboard today, I found my Street wear Mineral Foundation which was lying unused since two months. I had entirely forgotten about that. This is what happens when we have more products than what we can really use. He He He.
Ok I love the mineral foundation but many a times the application looks streaky without a primer. So I had kept it in cupboard thinking will use after I have a nice face primer. So today an idea struck into my mind. I thought why not to mix the Street wear Mineral foundation with the gel crème and make a tinted moisturizer? So I added the mineral foundation and mixed it. The tinted moisturizer was really smooth and glided nicely onto my skin imparting a dewy look. It had nicely evened out my complexion. The coverage was somewhat between light to medium. I really loved it and intend to use the mineral foundation in similar way. The application of moisturizer was smooth and it wasn’t cakey at all. I am loving it!

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