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Biotique Bio Dandelion Ageless Lightening Serum

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Today I want to introduce one of the Biotique products to all of you which has not been reviewed in a comprehensive way on internet. Some of the Biotique products are clear winners for me and some are total failures. So what I feel about this serum? Did it work for me? Please read on……

Price: Rs 199 for 35 ml.

What The Company Says:

Dandelion is a rejuvenating herbaceous plant known for its ageless properties. This lightening serum is a rare combination of pure dandelion, rich in Vitamin E and minerals, blended with nutmeg oil. Used regularly, it helps brighten skin, fade dark spots and ease away wrinkles for a flawless complexion.
A rare combination of naturally occurring nutrients. Rich in Vitamin E and minerals like Iron, Phosphorus, Iodine, Potash and Sulphur. Also contains Nutmeg Oil that helps to stimulate the skin and ease wrinkles. Regular use ensures a youthful complexion.
It stimulates the skin's microcirculation, cell regeneration and it helps to firm the face and neck. The Dandelion Face Vitalizer gives your skin a new glow with firmer features.

Direction for use:

Just massage a few drops on a thoroughly cleansed skin before the moisturizer or nourisher, morning and evening. It is designed to work at night when the skin's cell renewal rate reaches its peak.


Cydonia Oblonga Gel (Bihidana Luvab) 10%
Lepidum Sativum Gel (Halo Luvab) 1.5%
Myristica Fragrans Oil (Jaiphal Tail) 0.5%
Sacchromyces Yeast Ext. (Khameer Kwath) 8%
Prunus Amygdalus Oil (Badam Tail) 1%
Helianthus Annus Oil (Surajmukhi Tail) 3%
Lotion Base Q.S.

My Take on Biotique Bio Dandelion Ageless Lightening Serum

I had purchased this product for the first time some 4 years back when it was new in the market and its name was different. It was Biotique Dandelion Face Vitalizer. It has been instructed to use it before using any moisturizer and to incorporate in daily skin care regime for maximum benefit. This product has an amazing fragrance, somewhat if you mix camphor with some plant herbs which I like a lot. It gives nice cooling sensation when applied on skin. I have used three of these bottles already. In my honest opinion, this product doesn’t do anything for me in winter, I just see no benefit but whenever during Summer season I apply it, I see instant brightening and see my skin tone has noticeably lightened up a lot and. I also feel some toning effect. Many of my friends ask me whether I have done any facial or did anything to my skin. During summer I just use it and a loose powder, I skip moisturizer during those days. But during winter I fail to find such effects. But nevertheless, it smoothens and softens my facial skin. I just keep touching my skin whenever I use it. It has however never helped in lightening of dark spots. Am also not sure if it eases out wrinkles as I have none. So I kind of have mixed feeling towards it.

Pros of Biotique Bio-Dandelion Ageless Lightening Serum:

-Its one of the naturally safe, chemical free serum I have ever come across with.
-This gets easily absorbed into skin leaving smooth and soft skin.
-Doesn’t make my face oily or greasy.
-Soothes tired skin and it has cooling effects too.
-Its fragrance is awesome, somewhat like camphor mixed with herbs.
-It contains many herbal ingredients.
-It tones up skin and imparts youthful appearance.
-I love how it instantly brightens up and lightens my skin tone noticeably during Summer.
-It claims to ease out dry dehydrated and wrinkled skin.
-Didn’t break me out at all. I have been using it since a long time.
-New packaging is very colorful and attractive with loads of information.
-Easily available at several cosmetic shops.

Cons of Biotique Bio-Dandelion Ageless Lightening Serum:

-It claims a shelf life of  three years and also states it has no preservatives, how is that possible?
-Price has escalated from Rs 135 to Rs 165.
-Quantity provided is very less.
-Some times its difficult to pour the product as you have to keep on pressing a lot.
-It didn’t lighten my dark spots.
-I didn’t feel the positive effects during winter.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Will I Repurchase? Yes, it suits me a lot during Summer.


If you all want to use a safe ayurvedic based serum devoid of harmful chemicals then do try this one. Otherwise for the price its charging you can skip it too.


  1. umm...i find biotique products r bit heavy on skin..what abt this one?

  2. Yesss very true, the biotique coconut cream and saffron youth dew cream are very heavy, this one is just the opposite, very light and absorbs quite easily feels very light on skin.

  3. okies..will check this out then :)

  4. nice review taps........ i like biotique brand too.... good wishes for new blog

  5. Thanks a lot dear !! I love some products of biotique a lot !

  6. Nice review Taps!!!! but sad that the product doesn't deliver what it claims :( :( :(

  7. Yesss dear, only temporary lightening tht too only in summer !

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  10. I just got a whole bunch of Biotique Products. Great review, you've done here...
    Do drop by my blog sometime.. :)
    My Favourite Lip Balms

  11. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog!! What all you you bought from Biotique??? I will definitely check out your blog.Thanks for liking my review!

  12. hi Taps!
    love all your reviews, i was wondering about purchasing lotus microemulsion second bottle but after seeing this I am wondering if I should still go for it or go for this one. I am trying to improve my uneven skin tone around my mouth.
    can you suggest something for undereye sunken look?

  13. Hello Scoot !! Am glad you like my reviews! For under eye sunken look,I would advise you to first drink lots of water, eat lotssss of fruits and sleep well.Other than that dab your eyes with cotton soaked in rose water and keep it like that for at least half an hour.Other than that start using a eye gel such as Avon total radiance eye gel or Avon anew eye serum.The biotique serum didnt help in lightening dark areas as such, but did suit me during summer.You use microemulsion if it suits you and go for home made remedies such as applying yogurt mask for lightening every week. Hope this helps !

  14. This is just what I was looking for. I was not expecting that I'd get so much out of reading your write up! You've just earned yourself a returning visitor :)

  15. @dermapril, thanks a lot for liking it !