Thursday, 26 April 2012

Vedic Line Neem & Brahmi Disinfecting Face Wash

Hello Friends!
Today I am going to review Vedic Line Neem & Brahmi Disinfecting Face Wash which I got during winters.Lets see how it got well with my skin type.

What the Company Says?

Disinfecting face wash for Pigmentation, Acne, Open pores & Oily skin.


Thick & lovely face wash, cleanses deep down dirt without stripping natural oil from the face. Neem & Brahmi very popular Ayurvedic herbs, Refresh skin & have deodorant anti-fungal effects. Fragrance of Tea Tree & Camphor opens up channels, relaxes mind and makes breathing comfortable.

Price:Rs 60 for 50 ml and Rs 110 for 120 ml.

My Take On This product:
I got this product during the month of January when it was chilling cold at my place.I was not sure whether to try a neem face wash during those time as neem face washes usually removes all oiliness from face leaving squeaky clean feeling and in my case makes my skin very dry.But this face wash was absolutely different.It has very soothing herbal fragrance and very runny in consistency.I needed more quantity to clean my face each time and found my skin brightened clean and yet hydrated.It feels slippery on face while cleansing though.I don't mind the slippery feeling actually.

This face cleanser comes in a flattened transparent tube.The cleanser looks lime green in bottle but is almost transparent in real. It has flip on cap that closes with a click.But however I don't feel it closes properly and thus not very travel friendly.

However when I am using it during summers, I am really disappointed with it.After a tiring day whenever I use it, it does not remove the greasiness and dirt properly.I need to use really lots of quantity still do not get that squeaky clean feeling.I cant confirm whether it prevents acne or not but I am sure oily skin beauties wont like it much.Overall its an average face wash which would suit dry skin girls more.Yes its hard to believe that a neem face wash will suit a dry skin girl but not someone with oily skin. :p

Pros Of The Product:
-Contains Brahmi and neem which are used for disinfecting or detoxifying skin.
-It has deodorant and anti fungal properties.
-It contains tea tree and camphor which opens up pores.
-Available in both 50 ml and 120 ml variants.
-Its available at reasonable price.
-Can be purchased online from several shopping sites.
-Never ever dries up my face.
-Removes dirt in a most subtle manner without affecting oil water balance.
-Soothing herbal fragrance. 

Cons Of The Product:
-Not suitable for removing oil and grime.
-Does not properly clean my face during summers.
-Does not remove makeup either.
-Cant confirm if it prevents acne or not.
-Not available at shops.
-Feels slippery during cleansing.
-Contains SLES.
-Does not foam properly despite containing SLES.
-Its not a fully herbal face wash.

Effectiveness:2.75 out of 5
Availability:3.25 out of 5
Quality vs price: 3.75 out of 5
Quantity:4 out of 5
Overall rating: 3.5 out of 5

Will I repurchase it? No, I don't think so. 

My Overall Recommendation: Its a mild neem cleanser which does not lather much.Its a good buy during winters but during summers it does not remove oil and grime properly.It contains SLES so not a herbal face wash entirely.However it never makes my skin dry or removes essential oils.Thus i think its an average face wash good for normal to dry skin people and those who do not mind slippery feeling while cleansing.

p.s PR Sample

Monday, 23 April 2012

L'Oreal Paris Color Infallible 24 Hr Eye Shadow 'Endless Chocolat 12'

Hello Sweeties!
Recently I checked the L'Oreal Paris Infallible range at a cosmetic store.Their range of eye shadows caught my attention and I ended up buying one of the shades.There are some nine shades, out of those I got the shade 'Endless Chocolat' 12 for me.I really wanted to get three more shades (Burning Black, Eternal Black, All Night Blue) but the store had kept only testers, no fresh piece were available, the SA wanted to me to get the testers. :(

What The Company Says?

Product Benefits:
Make a lasting impression without batting an eye.
Infallible Eyeshadows contain ultra concentrated colour pigments, for an intense colour finish. Additional binders (oils) coat and magnify the colour pigments revealing beautiful shimmer and maximized colour. The colour adheres to the eyelid as durably and comfortably as a second skin and lasts for up to 24hrs.
With a formulation that lies between the comfort of a cream and the ease of application of a powder, infallible eyeshadow melts gently from the fingertips to the eye lid on application. The result is a luxurious, velvety texture.

Expert Advice:
Can I blend the different shades together?
Infallible Eyeshadows have been designed to blend different colours together, if desired, to create a variety of looks from the classic smokey eye to shimmering gold and silver.
Is the formula easy to remove?
Yes, Infallible Eyeshadow is waterproof, yet it is easily removed with a classic eye make-up remover.

What is so unique about Infallible Eyeshadow? 
Enhanced Color Intensity
Infallible Eyeshadows contain an exceptionally high level of colour pigments, for an intense colour finish. Additional binders (oils), coat and magnify the colour pigments revealing beautiful shimmer and maximized colour.

24 Hour Hold (Creaseproof and Waterproof)
The colour adheres to the eyelid as durably and comfortably as a second skin. The Infallible formula stands up to the average woman’s 11,000 blinks per day. It also resists to rubbing, creasing and does not run into the fine lines around the eyes.

Velvety Sensual Texture:
With a formulation that lies between the comfort of a cream and the ease of application of a powder, Infallible eyeshadow contains an exceptionally high proportion of binders (oils) for the softest, most velvety eyeshadow. The eyeshadow melts gently from the fingertips to the eyelid on application. The result is a rich and satiny look.

Price: Rs 450 for 3.5 Grams

My Take On This Product:
I recently checked out the Infallible range launched by L'Oreal paris in India.I quite liked the feel of their foundation, the shade 'Radiant Sand' matched my skin tone bought then I thought to buy it later as I have to finish my 5 existing number of foundations :p After checking their foundations, the infallible range of eye shadows caught my attention.There were some 8 shades in all and these shadows claim to be smudge resistant, water proof  with a staying power of 24 hours.I got the shade 'Endless Chocolat' for me.I wanted to get three more shades too but fresh ones were not there, so I left the store and thought to wait for this range to arrive at online shopping sites.

Check all shades HERE
These eye shadows come in square transparent jars with a screw on lid and a plastic separator to avoid damage.I really loved their packaging, its cool, sturdy,  travel friendly and one can see the shade through the transparent jar.There are some 8  shadows launched in India :

-Forever Pink- Its a light pink shade with shimmers
-Hourless Biege- Beige shade with shimmers
-Purple Obsession- Very pretty light purple shade
-All Night Blue- Its a Royal Blue shade, very similar to Inglot Pearl 428
-Burning Black- Its a Blackened Violet shade. This one is similar to Inglot Pearl 426 but bit more blackened.
-Permanent Kaki- Its a khaki green shade, similar to Faces Canada pigment in 'Forest Green'
-Endless Chocolat- Its true brown shade with fine Golden Shimmers. Inglot Pearl 409 is similar to it.
-Flashback Silver- Silver shade with shimmers
-Eternal Black- Black shadow with loads of silver shimmers

The shade 'Endless Chocolat' is a pure Brown shade with very very fine golden shimmers which impart a warm sheen to eyes.These shadows are in pressed form and their texture seems to be something in between cream and powder,almost buttery soft.If you have used Chambor single touch Blush then you will understand what I want to say.You need to softly swipe across its surface to get enough pigmentation and product for your entire lid.One gets 3.5 grams and 450 bucks which I find reasonable considering its quality and pricing policy of L'Oreal Paris.

This shadow blends seamlessly within seconds like a dream.I have fallen in love with this shadow friends, I soooo want to get this in other shades soon.This shade can be applied alone as light wash on the lids or with some other shades too.It has very very fine golden shimmers, though I don't much like shimmery shadows but this one is different.It has absolutely zero fall out and can be used during day time too as shimmers are ultra fine and impart a pearlescent sheen.

One thing I noticed was this shade is intensely pigmented and adheres to my lid well, I can skip an eye shadow base easily.Without a primer its stayed on my eyes for 7 hours plus with no creasing, after that I removed it so I think its staying power is much more that.The quantity is huge and one requires very less amount so its going to last for a long time.So guys if you like brown shadows then definitely check out this shade! I do highly recommend this entire range of shadows to all of you.Myself, going to get 3-4 other shades in this range very soon.

Pros Of The Product:
-'Endless Chocolat' is a pretty brown shade with ultra fine golden shimmers.
-Some 8-9 shades have been launched in India.
-One gets 3.5 Grams of product for Rs 450 which I found to be reasonable.
-One requires only a bit for applying on whole lid.
-Its intensely pigmented, one swipe is enough for each application.
-It has velvety texture, something in between cream and powder.
-It can be used with fingers too.
-Absolutely smudge proof and water proof.
-Blends nicely without leaving harsh lines.
-Its crease proof even without an eye shadow base.
-It stayed on my eyes for more than 7 hours without a primer, after that I removed it with a makeup remover so it lasts longer than that without an eye primer.
-Available at all L'oreal paris counters.
-These come in see through jars with sturdy packaging.
-Its travel friendly and packaging is safe and damage proof.
-It claims to stay on eyes for 24 hours.
-It can be removed with a makeup remover.
-These shadows impart pearl like finish which is very wearable. 
-Plastic separator is provided to avoid damage to the shadows.

Cons Of The Product:
-Entire range of shades have not been launched in India.
-Not available till now at any Online shopping site.
-Each and every shade is shimmery, some contain visible shimmers and some contain very ultra fine shimmers.
-Really stays for a long time without primer but cannot confirm their 24 hour hold claim.
-L'Oreal Paris conducts animal testing.

Shade: 4.75 out of 5
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Texture: 5 out of 5
Price vs Quality : 4.75
Availability: 3.75
Quantity: 4.75 out of 5
Pigmentation: 4.75 out of 5
Staying Power: 5 out of 5
Overall Rating: 4.75 out of 5

Will I repurchase it? Yes definitely in three other shades.

My Overall Recommendation:
L'Oreal Paris Color Infallible 24 hours shadows are available in some eight shades at all L'oreal Paris counters.These come in transparent jars with 3.5 grams of product for Rs 450.One needs just a bit for applying each time, so it will last for a long time.These shadows are absolutely creaseproof, smudgeproof and water proof.Shades are intensely pigmented and one can easily skip using an eye shadow base.I am going to buy few more shades from this range.I do Highly recommend you all to try this range for sure.



Thursday, 19 April 2012

Maybelline Color Sensational High Shine Lipstick in Coral Lustre

Hello Friends!
I got Maybelline Color sensational High Shine Lipstick in shade 'Coral Lustre' few days back from today I am going to review it for helping you out to take a proper decision.

What The Company Says?
>Mirror like color from micro-mirror pigments 
>Creamier feel from nourishing honey nectar 
>10 lush lip shades(only 4 are available in India)
• Lacquered Brown.
• Coral Lustre.
• Plum Shine.
• Fruit Punch.

Price: Rs 399 for 3.5 grams.

My Take On This Product:
This summers, I really feel like trying all coral and orange lipsticks.These shades are so summery and brightens my complexion a lot.I have started loving these bold shades a lot these days.Ever since Maybelline has launched their new collection, I really felt like buying their mousse foundation and High shine lipstick.There are some 4 shades, out of that Coral Luster looked really nice.I checked so many famous blogs and found the swatches and the shade to be very funky, bright and almost my kind.Well sorry to say but that is where I was duped.When I found these at an online shopping site, I ordered the shade 'Coral Luster' immediately.I was so excited to receive my package,  but I was crestfallen to see its tip as it had melted.

Anyways now coming to review, Maybelline High Shine lipsticks come in steel grey semi transparent packaging.It contains only 3.5 grams of the product.The shade' Coral Luster' looks absolutely adorable, shiny and juicy in the tube.Its a light coral shade with pronounced pink undertone with fine silver shimmers, which Maybelline claims to impart a Mirror like effect.I was bit disappointed with this shade as its not a pure coral shade which I had desired.This lipstick has very sheer finish, I need some 4-5 swipes to show the color on my lips.My upper lip is pigmented so to cover it up, I need 5 swipes.I have been using it a lot this week and I was astonished to see how small the lipstick has become now, I mean I am really going to finish it up very very soon.

The shade Coral Lustre contains fine silver shimmers which are not gritty but when I apply 4-5 swipes I feel the grittiness of the shimmers and fine lines of my lips get pronounced.Its texture is buttery soft, and it feels moisturizing too but for few hours.It stays hardly 2 hours on my lips excluding meals.After two hours, it leaves a pretty tint behind but with loads of shimmers.The silver shimmers stick to the lips and its very hard to remove those.I need to use a Makeup remover 2 times to removes those shimmers.This is neither a lipstick, nor a gloss and of course not a lip balm.It does not satisfy any of the criteria fully.

You must have heard a saying 'Jack of all traits master of none'.  :p Thats what implies to this very lipstick actually.This lipstick will suite fair to medium skin tones, will wash out people with darker skin tones.I am not at all happy with this lipstick as the quantity is very less and price is on the higher side.

Pros of The product:
-Its a pretty lightened coral shade with pink undertones.
-Will suit fair to medium skin tones easily.
-Very wearable shade.
-Its texture is buttery soft, so glides on lips nicely.
-Available in three more shades in India.
-Its a moisturizing lipstick so one can skip a lip balm.
-Its finish is very sheer, so many people will like it for that.
-Its summery bright shade, which instantly brightens my overall look.
-This lipstick gives a very lightweight feeling, which I love.

Cons Of The product:
-On my lips, it takes some 4-5 swipes to show some color.
-It hardly stays on my lips for 2 hours.
-This lipstick accentuates my fine lines when I swipe it multiple times.
-The shimmer feels gritty with multiple swipes.
-Lipstick fades very soon leaving silver shimmer on lips, Its difficult to remove those shimmers even with a makeup remover.
-Coral Lustre is not a true coral shade.
-Its poorly pigmented.
-My lips get dry after the shade fades away after 2 hours.Thus does not keep my lips moisturized for a long time.
-There are some 10 shades shown in the site but only 4 are available in India.
-They neither serve the purpose of a lipstick nor of a lipgloss.
-Its very pricy for such a dud.Other range of Lipsticks from Maybelline are very good and reasonable.
-Melts very soon.
-Its gets finished fast too. If one uses this everyday, it will hardly last for 20 days.

Shade: 3 out of 5
Texture:4.25 out of 5
Staying Power: 2.5 out of 5
Pigmentation: 2 out of 5
Availability- 3.75 out of 5
Price vs Quality: 3.25 out of 5
Overall Rating: 3.25 out of 5

Will I repurchase it? No way guys, its pricy and not at all worth the price.

My Overall Recommendation: The Shade Coral Lustre is a very sheer Light coral shade with pink undertones.It will suit fair and medium skin tone people a lot.This is not a shade for those with pigmented lips.Its contains fine silver shimmer which does not show much but after the shade fades away after 2 hours, one can clearly see the silver shimmers.Its very difficult top remove the shimmers.It gets finished very soon and melts fast too.
Single Swipe:
After 4-5 Swipes:

 I hope you can clearly see how this lipstick has accentuated my fine lines.  :(

p.s Sweeties stay tuned for my First International Giveaway Announcement. :)

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Faces Glam On Blush 'Peach Glow'

Hello Friends!
Today I am going to review the Faces Canada Glam on Blush in shade 'Peach Glow'.

Product Description:
Faces Glam On Cream Blush gives blushing beauty at your fingertips with this weightless, creamy formula. It lends natural, radiant, long lasting color to the cheeks due to a specially formulated, creamy formulation. Simply dab the Cream Blush onto skin with fingertips to emulate the look of natural, youthful skin.

Rs. 399/- for 3.5 g, but I got it for Rs. 319/- from an online shopping site.

Shades Available:
Peach Glow, Pinked Mauve, Hint of Pink, Rose Quartz

My Take On This Product:
Ever since Faces Cosmetics has launched their Glam on range, I have wanted to purchase their powder blush in ‘Crimson’ and cream blush in ‘Peach Glow’. I got this blush during winters and tried it few times then. The texture of the blush was nowhere near to creamy ones, it was exactly like the lip balms that come in tub packaging and harden up during winters. I tried many times to use this with a blusher brush  but not a single brush of mine could pick even 1% of the product. So I had to continuously dip my fingers and rub against the surface of the blush to warm it up a bit. This blush in the pan looks peachy crimson kind shade with fine golden shimmers. I have to make extra effort to blend this blush on my cheeks. I love peachy blushes a lot rather I am crazy for those but I am very disappointed with this blush. First of all due to its hard texture and second because of the difficulty in blending it. 

During winters this blush used to look very crimson kind of shade on my skin tone, nowhere near peach, so many a times it felt as if someone had punched me hard on my face   :p and sometimes like as if I had developed rashes and all (One of my aunties pointed it out L She asked me if I had developed some allergic reaction) Anyways I just kept it shut in my shelf and was waiting for the summers to approach. Now I find the blush has improved a bit texture wise but it imparts a crimson peachiness to my skin tone now, which if overdone makes me look aged. If I use less, then this lasts for maximum two hours. During day time one can clearly see golden sparkles too very clearly which are distributed throughout the blush. This blush has a pearlish finish and imparts a dewy glow, which is the only good factor about this blush. I loved its sleek sophisticated steel grey packaging, it comes with a mirror too. Its a very travel friendly blush as it never melts in summer and easily fits in my purse too. Though quantity is very less still you need very less and its going to last for a long time.

Pros Of The Product:
-Blush comes in a very nice sleek and sophisticated steel grey packaging.
-Its provided with a mirror which is useful for touch ups.
-A plastic protector is provided to keep the blush mess free and hygienic.
-It’s a pretty peachy crimson shade with fine golden sparkles.
-This blush imparts a nice dewy glow.
-It does not melt in summers like other cream blushes.
-This blush is small, sleek and convenient for travel purpose.
-Available at Faces Canada outlets, several cosmetic stores and online shopping sites.
-Total 4 shades are available in this range.

Cons Of The Product:
-I love peachy blushes but not crimson blushes, this blush imparts a crimson shade to my cheeks which either makes me look sick   :p or aged.
- Its absolutely difficult to blend this product, no brush can help in blending, you need to use your fingers as the texture is pretty hard.
-Dipping fingers every time increases chance of contaminating the blush.
-During day time, I don’t prefer to use it as I dislike golden sparkles on my cheeks then.
-It lasts hardly for 2 hours, the shade fades faster leaving the golden sparkles behind.
-Quantity provided is very less for the price these are available at.
-Quality wise this blush fails, as neither its texture is smooth nor does it stay for long time.

Texture wise: 2 out of 5
Shade: 3 out of 5
Lasting Power: 2 out 5
Blending: 2 out of 5
Price vs Quality : 2.5 out of 5
Quantity: 3 out of 5
Availability: 3.75 out of 5
Overall Rating:  2.75 out of 5

Will I Repurchasing? No way guys, I am finding it difficult to finish the existing one!  :p

My Overall Recommendation: The Faces Glam on blushes no doubt come in improved sleek and travel friendly packaging but quality wise they fail to deliver.The texture of blush is pretty hard, no where like cream blushes and thus its very difficult to blend it.The staying power is around 2 hours maximum. So I think you can skip this range without any regret.I so wish they could have come out with much better formulation.They seem to be pricy for the quantity provided too.