Sunday, 20 November 2011

Elle 18 Black Out Liner

Hello Friends!
As I am sitting in my room alone listening to romantic songs from the movie Murder 2, I thought why not to write another review of an inexpensive yet reliable product that I have been using since a long time!So read on to know my take on this product:

What the Company Says?
 Jet black and water-resistant eyeliner enriched with rose water to keep your eyes cool.

Price:Rs 65 for 5 ml.

My Take on Elle 18 Black Out Liner:
This was the first eye liner i had purchased when I was in Class 8.I had bought this for just Rs 25 then.After that several liners came in my life and left :p I had long stopped using this and had completely forgotten about it until recently I saw the new Elle 18 black out liner from color bomb range.Though I love using glossy eye liners, I prefer  using matte liners for daily use.Thus as I needed a matte waterproof liner for daywear at reasonable price, none other than this liner came into my mind.The new liner is much better than the old one both in packaging and quality wise.It gives real cooling and soothing effect when applied on upper lash line.It dries up in a jiffy leaving true matte finish.When I splashed water on my face, the liner remained intact thus passing the waterproof test, but when I smudged the liner, it faded failing the smudge proof test.Anyways at such reasonable price I don't have much expectations and would love to say that its a nice inexpensive budget friendly liner.Highly recommended to teenagers and people who want to purchase matte waterproof liner within budget.

Its Waterproof !

Its not smudge proof!
 Pros of Elle 18 Black Out Liner:

>Consistency of the liner is fine, neither too runny nor too thick.
>Dries up on lash line quickly leaving black matte finish.
>It has cooling and soothing effect on eyes.
>Contains rose water.
>Many liquid liners get thick and the brush becomes messy with time but I didn't face any such problem with this liner.(Old ones used to get thick)
>It doesn't get streaky at all.
>Inexpensive budget friendly liner.
>Its a waterproof liner.
>Attractive trendy packaging.
>The brush is suitable for drawing very thin lines to thick lines.
>Readily available at cosmetic and stationary shops.

Cons of Elle 18 Black Out Liner:
>Only black shade available, the old ones had jaded green, bronze and another metallic pink sort of shades.
>List of complete ingredients is no where mentioned.
>The applicator tip is a soft brush that doesn't help in lining my eyes, I wished it had felt tip applicator.
>People who are not accustomed to liquid liners would find it difficult to get even lines.
>Its not smudge proof. 
>The shade is not intense black that I desire.
>Increase in price from Rs 35 to Rs 65.

Will I Repurchase it? Yes it s a nice matte black liquid liner apt for daily wear.

Rating:3.75 out 5

My Overall Recommendation: I recommend this reasonable liner to teenagers, and all makeup lovers for everyday use.



  1. A perfect little bottle that can work as a very good alternative if you run out of your primary one :-)

  2. yessssss chetna exactly!itss excellent! the stylecraze site yours? its excellent!

  3. I have never used liquid eyeliners..but want to try this. Nice review manya..

  4. Ohhh, you never used liquid one? then you can buy this and check if you like liquid liners, and if you like it, buy others ! Thanks for visiting my blog !